Special Territory

The Moscow special economic zone appeared three years ago, thanks to the merger of the technopolis Moscow and the Zelenograd SEZ. Why is this so important and why become a SEZ resident? We will answer the basic questions.
What is the Technopolis Moscow SEZ?
This modern territory includes five sites with a total area of 206.8 ha: Technopolis Moscow in Pechatniki, Alabushevo, Mikron, Angstrem and MIET. To date, more than 9,000 jobs have been created, and 90% of the leasable area have been occupied.
Last year, the Technopolis Moscow SEZ
topped the investment attractiveness rating of special economic zones.
Who Can Become
a Resident?
Russian and foreign high-tech innovative manufacturing companies. The Moscow's SEZ priorities are microelectronics, optics, medical technologies, biopharmacology, modern materials, energy-efficient and information&communication technologies. In order to support small and medium-sized businesses, microelectronic and medical clusters have been created. The companies successfully carry out their activities in the SEZ participating in industrial cooperation.
What Do You Need
to Get a Resident Status?
Basic formal requirements for companies: the company shall be registered within the Moscow municipal entity, where the SEZ is located; it shall not have branches and representative offices, or separate subdivisions outside the SEZ; it shall not have concluded an agreement on industrial production or innovative technical operation.

Economic requirements: investments shall make 50,000 RUB/m2 over 5 years for brownfield, 250,000,000 RUB/ha for greenfield; the average salary within a calendar year shall be 68,176 RUB; the yearly revenue shall make 300,000,000 RUB/ha for greenfield, 200,000 RUB/m2 for brownfield.
New projects of the Technopolis Moscow Special Economic Zone

Rudnevo Technopark

  • Total technopark space – 79,700 sq. m
  • Total area – 11.2 hectares.
  • The commissioning is expected late 2020.
Benefits for Residents
The main preferences are tax incentives. For the Moscow special economic zone residents, the import VAT and import customs duty for equipment and raw materials are zeroed, the income tax is 2% instead of the usual 20%, the property, transport and land tax is 0% for 10 years. Also, companies get access to all the Technopolis Moscow SEZ services and infrastructure.
By Numbers
To date, more than 140 high-tech companies have established local production in the Moscow SEZ, 67 of them are residents. Residents have already invested more than RUR 25 bn in the production development. The companies used the accumulated amount to pay taxes to the budgets of all levels, which made a total of RUR 11.1 bn, and received RUR 3.5 bn of benefits.
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