Tasty Lockdown

Moscow food industry enterprises are working for your health and safety.
Cooking is one of the favorite activities during the lockdown around the world. In the era of the coronavirus pandemic, tasty and healthy food is first of all the most natural way to maintain your health and help your immune system, and also an excellent entertainment that helps you to stay in a good mood and, therefore, increase your resistance to viruses and pathogens.

For fine cuisine in the current conditions, you will need the following...
Moscow enterprises produce milk, sausages, bread, cocoa and much more for the residents of Moscow
and other cities.


Most people have plenty of time during the lockdown. So it is the time for cooking experiments, multi-step recipes and slow simmered spiced meals.

Where can you get a recipe? One of the most recent ways to learn cooking is online cooking schools. Today, some of them has made their lessons free to support people in difficult times. For example, you can use the promo code KARANTIN at the Novikov School website.
Sergey Pyatakov
Senior Executive Officer, Dairy Production,
PepsiCo Russia
"The PepsiCo enterprises in Moscow, Lianozovsky and Tsaritsynsky dairy plants, are equipped with innovative equipment for fully automated production and hands-free operation. Modern production lines are operated by operators and do not require the presence of many production workers. It is also worth noting that the production automation makes it possible to properly control and ensure the quality and safety of the products manufactured at our factories."

Food Products

It is not a problem either. After the high alert regime was introduced, the Moscow supermarkets actually became empty for a couple of days, but this was more likely due to the people's instinct to provide themselves with food before facing the danger, and certainly not due to the fact that there was a lack of anything in the city. Soon, stores got used to the increased demand and filled the shelves with all kinds of food again.

How did Moscow product manufacturers manage to adapt to the current conditions? In the high alert regime, the enterprises have not reduced the production volumes, but only made the already stringent food safety requirements stricter to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In total, 65 enterprises are engaged in the Moscow food industry. Absolute safety is achieved by using modern technologies, which the Moscow food industry has long been familiar with. For example, all processes at Ochakovo are automated, drinks are produced and bottled without human participation: people contact neither the ingredients nor the finished product directly. The employees monitor and operate the equipment using computer programs.

Of course, Moscow manufacturers duly responded to the pandemic and moved part of the employees to remote work. Only those specialists, the factory could not do without, remained at their workplaces. Enterprises stepped up security and preventive measures, tightened the incoming control. The employees' temperature and general condition are monitored, the staff is provided with disinfectants, and the premises cleaning frequency has been increased. Companies refused holding offline meetings with partners and switched to online meetings.

The representatives of the Moscow enterprises Cherkizovo, Ochakovo, Dymov, Lianozovsky and Tsaritsinsky dairy plants, Kolomensky, Baskin Robbins, Bakery Plant No. 24, Extra-M, Karat, Coca-Cola, Udarnitsa, Russkart, Cheryomushki, Meridian, and Krasny Oktyabr say that they are operating normally, which means we will definitely have products for our fine cuisine.
Dmitry Tregubov
CEO, Dymov
"The factory is applying most stringent incoming control measures, for both employees and visitors, their body temperature is monitored, we have introduced additional sanitary and anti-epidemiological disinfection measures and improved the systems for promptly informing the employees about preventive measures. We have also canceled all business trips, meetings, and moved part of the office employees, who do not have to be present at the office to perform their professional activities and who have such an opportunity, to remote work."

Art of Dining

The final part of a cooking experiment is table setting to ensure a festive mood and great pictures to post on social networks. Such a dinner or lunch can also be a worthy occasion to groom yourself and put on beautiful clothes.

Enjoy delicious food and stay home. Mosprom is working for you.
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of Investment and Industrial Policy
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