Made in Moscow

In Moscow stores you can daily see the goods made by Moscow industrial enterprises, such as glasses, chocolate, shoes, clothes, healthy breakfasts, etc. Let's take a closer look at who supplies what to shopping centers.

Glasses Made by Robots

In addition to the global brands, Eyekraft Optika stores offer their internally produced Eyekraft glasses, which are in no way inferior to the models of famous foreign counterparts. However, the collections are created with the participation of Italian designers. From the very beginning, the brand has been conceptually based on uniqueness, comfort, maximum creativity and beautiful colors. Today, the company's retail network is the leader of the Russian eyewear market. This makes more than 500 stores throughout the country in 100 cities of presence, and about five thousand employees.

In addition, Eyekraft Optika owns the only robotic production of glasses in Russia. Each model is made quickly and accurately according to the customer's specified parameters.

Fun Science for Schoolchildren

The Moscow company Nauchnye Razvlecheniya located in the special economic zone produces learning science kits for schoolchildren, which allow to fill in the gaps in education and catch up in basic school subjects: physics, chemistry and biology.

For example, "young chemists" will be able to conduct about 145 experiments, learn how invisible ink is created, why hydrogen sulfide smells like rotten eggs, and why alkalis bite into clothes. According to the company, 500,000 children have already conducted scientific experiments using these kits.

Next in line is the First Educational Aid series for distance and home learning, which is now being tested at Sirius, as well as robotic kits and sensor systems.

Legendary Creams

Many people have known the skin cream brands Balet, Vecher, Alisa since the Soviet times. However, now the product range of the Svoboda factory presented in the city shops is much wider. The company produces over 300 items, from toilet soap to baby cosmetics.

Its own research center is working to develop new products. It should be noted that during the coronavirus pandemic, the factory, extended its main product range launching the production of hand sanitizers, the demand for which increased sharply in March this year causing a temporary shortage.

The entire Svoboda range can be found in eight of its own brand stores. In addition, a large selection of the factory cosmetics is provided by the manufacturer official partners and major retailers. You can also find the cosmetics made by the factory on online platforms (for example, Wildberries and Ozon).

Sweets from Alyonka

For more than five years, the United Confectioners holding has been selling sweets through its own retail network. Today, more than 100 Alenka stores have been opened, almost half of them are located in Moscow. According to the company, it plans to open about 20 more facilities by the end of the year.

At the same time, retail outlets operate in different formats, from small boutiques in shopping centers or at train stations to confectionery supermarkets offering a product range exceeding 500 items. Sweets can also be ordered online.

The United Confectioners Holding is the largest confectionery manufacturer in Russia, which includes 19 factories throughout the country, including the legendary Krasny Oktyabr, Rot Front and the Babaevsky Confectionery Concern.

From Streets to Classrooms

The Moscow energy-efficient LED lighting manufacturer LED-Effekt with only 140 people of staff is among the top five industry leaders.

LED fixtures are used both for street and industrial lighting, as well as in school classrooms, hospital wards, airport halls, etc. They are also suitable for ordinary interiors. The main LED advantages are long service life and energy efficiency.

The company performs a full work cycle, from the design and development of new models to metal processing, assembly and testing of finished products in its own lighting laboratory.

Shoes for China

The Orthomoda company has been producing orthopedic shoes for almost 20 years. The company has its own stores in Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as an online platform where you can buy both mass-produced models and order items tailored by your individual measurements.

For production, the company uses lasts of varying complexity, from preventive to special ones that reduce the pain caused by a bunion, as well rehabilitation footwear series for people with diabetes and children with musculoskeletal disorders.

One of the company's priorities is to combine beauty and comfort in the shoes produced. Our own design office is working on this task.

Since 2019, Orthomoda has been a resident of the Technopolis Moscow special economic zone, and recently the company entered the international market being the first in Russia to export orthopedic footwear to China.
Recently, Orthomoda entered the international market being the first in Russia to export orthopedic footwear to China

Perfect Breakfasts from Laboratory

The Granola. Lab project was launched in 2015 and started with food markets. Today, it is a full-fledged production facility that produces about 25 tons of granola per month.

Granola is a meal typically made from honey, oatmeal, nuts, dried fruits and berries. It is usually eaten for breakfast or used as a snack. You can add juice or milk or just eat it as it is. It is not to be confused with muesli: granola is always baked and contains more nuts and dried fruits.

Granola. Lab releases products prepared according to the classic recipe: 50% of nuts and fruits dried without sugar. You can buy it in Moscow supermarkets, health food stores or an online store.

School Uniforms to Suit Any Taste

The Start factory has been making clothes for children and teenagers for over 60 years. The company focuses on school uniforms.

The first brand store was opened at the factory in 1991. It now occupies two floors (one for girls, the other for boys). The store area is more than 1,000 m. In total, the enterprise has three stores: one at the factory and two at shopping centers. Since 2012, you can also order clothes online.

Designer Items for Everyday Business Life

Company VASSA&Co was founded in Russia in early 2000. In the same year, the first prêt-a-porter line in Russia was launched and four stores were opened in Moscow.

Following the New York Minimalist School and Russian constructivist traditions, brand chief designer VASSA smoothly combines the both trends in her collections. The VASSA&Co products, which are free from unnecessary decorative elements that are replaced by simple forms, made of the fabrics produced by the world's best manufacturers from Italy, France and Portugal, and released in limited quantities, have become a business style classic over 20 years of operation.

Today, 30 VASSA&Co brand boutiques are successfully operating in Russia, nine of them located in Moscow. VASSA&Co is one of a few Russian designer brands having a wide network of brand stores and its own production based in Moscow.
Over 20 years of operation, VASSA&Co has become a business style classic; today, 30 brand boutiques of the company are successfully operating in Russia

Not Every Day in Tights

Perhaps, the Moscow residents do not see the Grishko products every day, but they are definitely familiar to the parents of young ballerinas and theater stars.

Grishko is a world renowned leader in the production of clothing, footwear and dance accessories. The brand was founded in 1988. Today, Grishko is an industrial complex that includes four factories in Moscow employing more than 500 people. The factories product range includes ballet shoes, shoes for all dance styles, theatrical costumes, rehearsal clothes, etc. and in total exceeds 1,000 items.

The Grishko branded boutiques can be found in the world's largest cities in 74 countries. The company has two stores in Moscow.
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