field hospital

In Wuhan that is a coronavirus outbreak hot zone, in the midst of an epidemic the Huoshengshan Hospital was built in the image and semblance of the Xiaotanshan Hospital on the outskirts of Beijing that was erected in 2003 during another viral epidemic, SARS.


Temporary Structure

  • 2,5 ha of area
  • 60,000 sq. m of building area
  • 1,000 beds
  • 30 intensive care units;
  • rooms for medical equipment;
  • quarantine departments.
  • the state.
Huoshenshan Hospital is an emergency pre-engineered field hospital that took just ten days to erect, from January 23 to February 2, 2020. The construction was carried out around the clock by 7,000 people working in three shifts. Almost a thousand excavators, bulldozers and other equipment were used. And on February 3, the next day after the construction completion, the hospital began to admit patients.


The PRC military sent 1,400 physicians from the ground force, air force, navy and joint sustainment force medical institutes, specifically for working in the Huoshenshan Hospital. Also, 15 experts arrived there from the PLA Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Military Medical Research Institute of the PLA Academy of Military Sciences.
  • A system for maintaining low pressure in all the rooms to prevent the airborne microorganisms from spreading outside the hospital.
  • Specialized ventilation systems and two-way gateways between each room and the corridors for the staff to give patients medication without entering the room.
  • A centralized treatment system using a protective membrane with an area of 50,000 sq. m, which covers the entire hospital area, in order to avoid the pollutants entry into groundwater.
  • A rain and wastewater treatment system to provide disinfection and a high degree of filtration.
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