New Export Opportunities Opened by Coronavirus

The global economy is showing the first timid signs of recovery after the pandemic, and in this situation, it is important for Moscow companies not to miss the opportunities that have emerged in the international business. After all, a crisis is not just a danger, but also a business opportunity. The Mosprom Center has prepared a brief overview of a number of foreign markets, which are worth paying attention in the first place.


  • Germany is a leader in the automotive industry, instrument making, aircraft manufacturing and a number of other industries. At the moment, German enterprises are beginning to make up for the time lost during the lockdown and are extremely interested in cooperation with reliable suppliers of components and raw materials. It is important that many of their former suppliers have not yet recovered from the pandemic.
  • Due to the growing population and the increasing proportion of elderly people in Germany, the German market is increasingly consuming essential goods and FMCG*.
  • A key factor for the success of the Russian-German joint venture is that not only finished products, but also components themselves are produced. The components production helps to deepen the industrial cooperation and mutual capital exchange.

*Fast-moving consumer goods.

Saudi Arabia

  • Saudi Arabian companies that are not engaged in the oil industry are mostly focused on domestic consumption. The goods and services they produce have no export potential. At the same time, in the country, the effective demand for imported products is growing. These are, in particular, convenience foods, vehicles and electrical equipment.
  • Numerous surveys show that when choosing food, Saudis pay attention to its cost and nutritional value, but are completely indifferent to the healthy eating trends.
  • In Saudi Arabia, the demand for agro-industrial products is growing and is especially high for poultry, confectionery and groceries. However, exporters have to take into account the cultural and religious characteristics of this country and know that all supplied food products must be of an exceptionally high quality and have a Halal certificate.
  • In the country, there is an increased demand for the oil industry equipment and components.


  • India ranks No. 1 in the world in terms of 18 to 35-year-old population. At the same time, 45% of Indians lead a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it makes sense to consider supplying healthy foods to this country.
  • The Indian market is very attractive for food, beverage and cosmetics manufacturers. Moreover, Russian and, in particular, Moscow brands are now poorly represented in the country.
  • The technological literacy there is growing, more and more people choosing to shop online. Accordingly, electronic trading platforms can become one of the sales channels.


  • Healthy food is in trend here as well. Environmentally friendly, high-quality food products are now in high demand in Uzbekistan.
  • Requirements for technological products are constantly growing. Therefore, special attention here is paid to both high-tech products and the after-sales service opportunities.
  • In connection with the growing number of infrastructure projects in Uzbekistan, there is a demand for mechanical engineering and metallurgy products. And besides, there are now opportunities to increase the exports of pharmaceuticals.
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