Module And Mikron:
Adventures of Microelectronics

Two Moscow-based microelectronics development companies are winning Asia: Mikron and the Module Scientific and Technical Center. Let's figure out how this happened and why.
The Moscow microprocessor exports increased by 109.8% year-on-year in the first 9 months of 2020. One of the specialized kinds of microprocessors are neuroprocessors. At the same time, the exports of microchip parts produced in the capital increased by 63.7%.


The Module Scientific and Technical Center – a large Russian developer of microelectronics - manufactures neuroprocessors, which are in great demand in Russia. The companies are already developing domestic neurochip-based hardware and software complexes for neural network applications in medicine and automotive vision and for solving monitoring and security tasks in smart city systems.

The company's developments help to successfully become popular among foreign consumers – its neuroprocessors are demanded by international cooperation chains with foreign partners from China, Germany and Malaysia. For exmaple, the cooperation is actively developing with KEY ASIC from Malaysia, which is promoting the Module STC neural network accelerator in the international market using its imedic™ Cloud Hospital solution. By the end of the year, this cooperative product will be FDA-certified in the U.S. and will enter the international market. Moscow devices will be supplied to the USA, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore and Middle East countries as well.
Alexey Mokhnatkin
Deputy CEO, Modul STC
"The company is now implementing a joint project to help oncology doctors with KEY ASIC, a Malaysian design center. It is based on our portable neural network accelerator, which can run autonomously, from time to time connecting to the cloud, network or intranet for updates. So, personal data do not leave the doctor's office and remain protected. In addition, the neurochip consumes very little power and can transmit information over Wi-Fi if necessary."


The Moscow Mikron company is a leading manufacturer of microelectronics for the Internet of Things and digitalization of economy, business and critical infrastructure. It has been at the forefront of domestic microelectronics ensuring the country's technological independence for more than half a century and has been operating in the international market for almost 30 years exporting more than two billion chips annually.

Mikron also has its own representative offices in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The basis of the export line are power supply management chips and diodes. Every year, new products intended for supplying abroad are mastered in serial production.

The company got the opportunity to export chips for car electronic systems after it had been successfully audited by United Registrar of Systems Ltd. (URS Certification, UK) - an international independent organization - in design and production of integrated chips for automotive industry. This certification confirms the compliance of the quality management system with international market requirements, which allows the company to work with foreign manufacturers of automotive equipment. The company considers Asia as its main export destination. It should be noted that Mikron already has experience in producing microchips for Japan.
Gulnara Khasyanova
CEO, PJSC Mikron
"Mikron is constantly expanding its export lineup, and last year we mass-produced eight new microchips intended for the international market. New promising products include chip modules for ID documents and chips for the automotive industry. We see interest in this area by foreign partners, which is understandable – the share of electronics in a modern car is constantly growing."
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