Development of production and foreign market entry: PROFILDOORS company experience

How to find your niche and survive the competition? Should you strive to enter a foreign market and what is needed for that? Find answers to these and many other questions in an interview with profildoors director Boris Kuznetsov.
Boris Kuznetsov
Director ProfilDoors
– You started in a very competitive market. How did you manage to withstand competition and gain your market share?

– Regarding competitive advantages – we have no secrets, just a trivial solution that always works: We have relied on quality. We studied demand, examined new technologies and materials and tried to reproduce the best available in this sector – without omissions, without opting for cheaper materials, and without disrupting technology in order to save. This approach paid off! By 2009, we have already matured enough to launch our own collection under our own brand. This gave us several advantages at once: modern design, innovative coatings, and constructive solutions. As a result, practically without competition, we occupied a significant part of the Russian market of interior doors, challenging foreign manufacturers.

– When did the idea to enter the foreign market occur to you?

– Immediately after the start of production! We clearly understood that our approach allows us to make a product that successfully competes with both imports in the domestic market and competitors in foreign markets. It's just that we had to go a certain way from the idea to its implementation. First, we started with a competitive production using exclusive technologies. This allowed us to make our product – in some aspects – even better than the products of foreign manufacturers. Then we had the enormous task of getting certification in accordance with the norms and requirements of each country whose market we entered. Only after that, we were able to offer our product to a foreign consumer.

– Did everything work out right away?

– Far from it! The fact is that in the West they do not know Russia as a manufacturer of door products. Our brands are not represented there, export in this segment is poorly developed, and they are skeptical about Russian products. In addition, countries such as Germany, Italy, and Poland are the largest manufacturers and suppliers of door products worldwide. We had to work a lot! We are still working on promoting our products, positioning them as advanced, not inferior, and often superior to locally-manufactured products. It is difficult, but in recent years, the factory has been actively developing sales in foreign markets, including the markets of Western Europe and North America. Another difficulty that all Russian exporters face is the lack of uniform technical standards and requirements for different countries, even EU countries. In our case, the requirements for doors and accessories. Therefore, for each country we produce separate products that will be in demand.

– What are the plans for further development?

– Last May, Moscow's Mayor, Sergei Sobyanin visited the factory. Following the visit, the factory is considering the possibility to obtain the status of an industrial complex. This will allow us to direct additional savings to the further development and modernization of our production. The issue of a land plot allocation for the expansion of production space is also being addressed. We continue to promote our products abroad. Together with distributing partners, we have been participating in the world's largest construction exhibitions for several years, such as IBS in Las Vegas (USA) and Orlando (USA), Budma in Poznan (Poland), Construct Expo in Bucharest (Romania), and a number of smaller exhibitions in Moldova, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. Later in 2020, thanks to the Moscow Government, we are participating in one of the largest construction exhibitions in Germany, FENSTERBAU FRONTALE in Nuremberg. Together with Mosprom, we are considering the possibility of further support for our successful consolidation in international markets.
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