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Everything about Moscow industry.

Interestingly. Artlessly. Honestly.

Our information resource targets investors, businessmen, specialists of Moscow industrial enterprises and ordinary citizens who are in love with Moscow.

We want to dispel the myth that Moscow is a city of office plankton and business centers. There are over 700 medium and large industrial enterprises operating in the capital, producing cars, elevators, clothing, airplanes, robots, sausages and much more. Our goal is to tell about all of them. Interestingly. Artlessly. Honestly.

The doors of all the capital's enterprises are open to us, which means that we write about what we see, touch, or even try. And thanks to our friendship with government agencies responsible for the development of Moscow industry, we are always well informed about the latest news on business support measures and legislative initiatives. Here you will find honest and up-to-date figures, facts, and instructions

Our mission is to contribute to the development of Moscow industry.

We tell…

…about the city.

The capital is changing. Old industrial zones are being transformed into new well-arranged neighborhoods. They’re building beautiful streets, convenient transport interchanges, modern schools and institutes, hospitals equipped with advanced equipment, new residential complexes with safe playgrounds, shopping malls, restaurants, fashionable clubs. And all this happens thanks to investments, including those made in the capital's industry.

…about people

Today every tenth resident of the city works at the factories – these people are real professionals in their fields. And sometimes we talk about industrial dynasties!

…about factories

There are more than 700 big and medium industrial enterprises operating in the capital. But what kind of plants and factories are these if we hardly notice them? They do not belch smoke, they do not hum, and their emissions shrink to zero. And yes, they create quality products not only for the citizens of Russia, but also for export. That is all because Moscow industry is modern and "smart", and production technologies aspire to the highest international standards.

…about history and traditions

Both young high-tech companies and manufacturers with a century-old history are operating in Moscow. Many of the goods and products made here have already become legends, and the names of the enterprises have become major brands. Do you get a warm feeling of nostalgia when you hear about processed cheese Druzhba, sausage Doktorskaya, chocolate candies Mishka Kosolapy and factory Bolshevichka? The capital's industrialists have a long and proud history.

…about the possibilities

Moscow is a city of great opportunities for both professionals and business enterprises. It is both prestigious and profitable to set up a business in the capital. Moscow is a large sales market, it offers well-developed infrastructure, access to the best technologies and practices, well-trained and motivated personnel.

…about support

Moscow is keen on modern enterprises operating on its territory. This means tax income to the city budget, the resolution of the problem of import substitution, and investments in the city itself and in its infrastructure, and new jobs. The system of support of the real sector of economy is being actively developed in the capital. Moscow provides assistance to the companies which are ready to face the new economic realities and to invest in the development of the city. Businesses receive tax benefits, real financial assistance, guarantees and 24/7 support.