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Pharmaceutics and medical industry in new conditions

The world has been living in a constant fight against coronavirus infection for a year and a half. In this matter, the industry is far from being the least important player, with medical production and pharmaceutics at the forefront. These Moscow industries operate like well-oiled watches, and their production facilities provide essential medicines and equipment not only for our country but other countries, as well. This article tells you what nations Moscow cures.


According to the Mosprom Export Support Center, the results of eight months of 2021 showed that Moscow-based pharmaceutical companies shipped abroad products worth 750,33 million US dollars. – This figure outstrips the respective period of the previous year by 248,3%, and the difference with the first eight months of 2019 is even more impressive, almost fourfold. Substantial growth is not a mere result of the increasing demand. It reveals something greater – the maturity of the Moscow pharmaceutical sector, which has accumulated significant capacities over many years, and therefore the ability to go through serious market fluctuations.

Moscow leads all other cities in the Russian Federation in the export of pharmaceutical products. The city accounts for 52,5% of the Russian export volume.  Having opened 17 new markets in 2021, Moscow has exported products to 114 countries in the first 8 months of the year.  That was the result of increased supplies of vaccines and also the development of exports of packaged drugs and immunological products. Argentina, India, Mexico, UAE, Italy, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Bolivia are among the leaders in importing the capital's pharmaceutical products.


The medical sector presents a large group of products: the production of catheters, medical devices and tools, dental devices, tomographs, X-ray units, glasses, and much more. And Moscow manufacturers are among the best in it.

Eight months of 2021 for the Moscow medical industry resulted in the amount of 69,06 million US dollars of exported production. - It exceeds the same period in 2019 by 32%. If compared with the period of January-August 2020, the figure is 39% higher.

Moscow keeps the top position among the cities of the Russian Federation in the volume of exported medical industry products, and its share in all-Russian export volume is 40,8%.  The capital medical sector sells its production to 92 countries of the world. Exports are also growing with a steady increase in shipments of computer tomographs, contact lenses, catheters, massage and rehabilitation devices, and other products. Kazakhstan, Belarus, Netherlands, Uzbekistan, India, Armenia, Germany, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, and France are major importers of the production of the capital medical industry.


The priorities of the capital's pharmaceutical industry will remain the procurement of prepackaged drugs and immunological products. Producers of prepackaged medicine will try to enter the markets of Bolivia, Hong Kong, and Spain, and continue to export drugs en masse to Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, and Mexico. The markets of Italy, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, India, and the Republic of Korea are the export priorities of immunological products. The medical sector is going to increase exports of CT scanners, to new markets also: in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan. Moscow exports mechanotherapy and massage devices not only to Kazakhstan and Belarus but also significantly increases deliveries to Israel.

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