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A competitive delicacy from Moscow

The United States has thesweetest tooth: in 2020, 18% of the world's chocolate consumption was eaten by Americans. Perhaps, for this reason, the USA honors the sweet several times a year. On October 20, for example, they celebrate National Office Chocolate Day.

There is no similar holiday in Russia, although our country is considered one of the world's largest producers and exporters of chocolate products. Last year alone, almost 300,000 tons of sweets from cocoa beans were exported. Moscow is the traditional leader in the ranking of regions by volume of supply.


Today, Moscow is the center of candy, chocolate and chocolate confectionery production. There are six operating confectionery factories, the names of which are all familiar to us from childhood, as well as the taste of sweets made at these factories. Moreover, products from Moscow's confectioners are known and loved abroad. Today, multiton shipments of chocolate products go to 57 countries around the world. Export of the capital's confectionery has been growing for the past few years. Compared to 2019, shipments in 2021 almost doubled in the first eight months by 49,32 million dollars.

The list of importers of Moscow confectionery today also includes inhabitants of such exotic countries as Kuwait, the Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia and Panama. Chocolate from Moscow factories goes to these countries in small batches, but the potential of Moscow companies here is quite high.


Chocolate in the past and present, and well into the future will probably remain one of the favorite treats of children and adults. Today, the average Russian eats at least 6 kilograms of this sweet. At the same time, experts note that many sweet eaters now choose a healthy lifestyle and look for low-calorie products. In addition, there is also a very high demand for vegetarian products in the sweet market. Considering this trend in its production, the Alenka chocolate range has increased by 17 items. Producers believe that these products will conquer both Russian and international markets in the next few years. Among the promising destinations there is India, where cocoa consumption per capita is about 10% of the world average.

- By the way -
According to Mosprom forecasts, the export of confectionery in Russia for the whole year of 2021 could reach 630-650 thousand tons. Of this amount, 15% are sugary products and sweets without cocoa, 40% — cocoa-containing products, and 45% — cookies and flour products.


Strict quality standards and requirements to confirm the conformity of confectionery products, as well as a highly competitive market make the task of increasing the share of exports difficult for companies. Therefore, specialists from the Mosprom Export Support Center suggest that producers do not take risks and continue to increase the volume of supplies to those countries where Russian delicacies are already popular. As for undeveloped markets, it is necessary to study them first or entrust the task to Mosprom experts.

The largest buyers of Moscow confectionery in neighbouring foreign countries,
in millions of US dollars:

Belarus – 14,50
Kazakhstan – 9,09
Uzbekistan – 3,87

The largest purchasers of Moscow confectionery in the non-CIS countries,
in millions of US dollars:

Germany – 3,61
USA – 2,94
Israel – 1,23
Vietnam – 0,77

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