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The investments in fixed assets in Moscow made RUR 452.4 bn in the first quarter of 2020. This is 14.9% higher than in the same period of 2019.

At the same time, the share of extrabudgetary investments amounted to almost 82%. Over the past 8 years, investment in fixed assets increased more than twice, in comparable prices.

According to experts, the investment growth was largely ensured by the business support mechanisms operating in Moscow. Thus, the actively investing companies granted the statuses of a technopark, an industrial complex, and a technopark anchor resident can reduce the regional tax burden by 17–25%. Similar benefits are granted to new investment projects. And for the localization of modern production and innovative projects, the city created a whole ecosystem consisting of a special economic zone, technoparks and industrial parks. 

Moscow's growing attractiveness for investors is confirmed by authoritative international and Russian ratings. For example, since 2010, Russia has moved up 95 ranks to take the 28th place in the Doing Business ranking in 2020, leaving Japan, France, and Switzerland behind. To compile the rating, experts analyze the business climate in two cities only (Moscow and St. Petersburg), so the country rate 70% depends on Moscow. Last year Moscow took the first place in the National Investment Climate rating among Russia's constituent entities by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, although it was #13 in 2015.

Last year Moscow took the first place in the National Investment Climate Rating among Russia's constituent entities by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives,
although it was #13 in 2015

Foreign businesses are actively investing in Moscow as well. Moscow accounts for about half of all foreign direct investment (FDI) in Russia. 

 As of January 1, 2020, the volume of accumulated FDI in Moscow amounted to USD 260.2 bn. The largest amounts are invested by investors in Germany, France, Finland, Italy, Austria, and the USA. Most often, foreign businesses invest in the companies engaged in financial and insurance activities, trade, industry and hi-tech sectors, as well as real estate. 

For example, due to the participation of foreign capital, a new type of public transport will soon appear in Moscow, namely the cable way. It will be built under a concession agreement, at the expense of a private investor. In the course of a tender, a consortium was selected, which included the Swiss cable car manufacturer Bartholet. The investor will invest more than RUR 3 bn in the cable way construction, and the facility will be owned by Moscow starting on the moment of commissioning.

Leonid Kostroma,
CEO of Moscow City Investment Agency:

«Today, 116 Moscow companies are entitled to various benefits: 53 industrial complexes, 36 technoparks, 13 anchor residents, 13 investment priority projects, 1 motor vehicle manufacturer. Over the past five years, 95. 6 bn RUB have been invested by the enterprises assigned with the industrial complex, industrial park, anchor resident statuses. These companies employ more than 110,000 people.».

In addition, in February of this year, the city government and Bartholet Maschinenbau AG signed an agreement for establishing a local plant to produce cable way components in Moscow. The plant is planned to be launched this year. The investments in the project will amount to RUR 1.5 bn over the next five years. 

In April, the Moscow Investment Portal was redesigned: actually, it was finally turned into a virtual investor's office. Now, Moscow entrepreneurs can communicate with the city government online, apply for various support measures, send investment projects for consideration, and much more. 

On the website, you can find the city current economic and financial figures. In addition, it presents the details of the key projects implemented in Moscow, including those in the fields of industry and high-tech, construction, transport, and the social sphere. The "For Business" section contains the complete information about the main support measures that Moscow provides to investors, and about the "one stop" project support. On the website, you can also view the items put up for rent and privatization by Moscow: land plots, non-residential premises, buildings, non-stationary objects, apartments, car spaces, etc. , and apply for visiting these facilities and participating in tenders. In addition, there is the possibility to virtually view real estate in 3D.


online services are available on the portal

Convenient Tools

The important changes include new convenient online services. 23 online services are now available on the portal, which can be used, for example, to send an application for preferential loans provided by the Moscow Fund for Industry and Entrepreneurship Support, file an official application for an Investment Priority Project status, calculate the patent cost, etc. The portal's online services have been used more than 240 thous. times. 

The direct line has also been improved: now it is a fast way to ask the Moscow government a question, send an appeal or get advice on investment activities. As a rule, investors are interested in the bidding procedure, financial support and visits to facilities; they also propose their investment projects. 

The updated investment portal interface can adapt to various devices: you can launch online services and work in your personal area using any gadget.

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