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It was a year full of diffent events. The coronavirus made adjustments to them, but despite this fact, new investment projects were launched and important events for Moscow and the its industry took place.


Moscow was ranked fifth in the World's Best City Brands 2020 by Resonance Consultancy. The experts particularly noted the high level of infrastructure development in the city. Moscow was only overtaken by Dubai, Singapore, Barcelona, Los Angeles and Rome in the ranking.


This year's first stage of the Open#Mosprom"project: free tours were carried out to 23 Moscow production facilities and 6 industrial museums. A total of over 3,000 people took part in these events.


The II Mosprom Spartakiad 2020 was launched among Moscow industrial enterprises and specialized universities. 60+ teams participated in the qualifying rounds. Due to restrictions caused by the pandemic, the Spartakiad final games did take place in September only. Three major projects were given the investment priority projects status. They will result in a general care boarding house, an industrial park and an industrial complex in Moscow, and the city will get almost 750 new jobs. In the same month, COVID-19 went on the offensive. The Moscow Economic Task-Force Center was established to monitor the situation at key city enterprises and to provide them with the appropriate support if necessary.


Moscow enterprises joined the fight against COVID-19. 350 production facilities continued operating for the benefit of the city and Muscovites. Some of them produced their main products providing us with food, drugs, medical equipment and other goods. Others were partially or completely converted to the production of what was especially needed by people and medical institutions. For example, Moscow industrialists produced 10+ million bottles of antiseptic during the pandemic.


All industrial enterprises of the capital returned to operation.

Wimm-Bill-Dann won through the tender the right to conclude the fourth Moscow offset contract. The company shall localize the agreed production in the Russian capital in order to supply the city with food for babies and nursing women within eight years from 2022, and Moscow will buy these products for its dairy distribution points.


It was decided to build a new pharmaceutical plant in Moscow worth RUB 2.8 bn of investments. Bright Way Industries LLC will set up the production of 78 pharmaceutical items, which will reduce the dependence on imports and provide Muscovites with drugs at affordable prices.


The first Integrated Area Development (IAD) agreement in Moscow and Russia was signed to redevelop the former Oktyabrskoye Pole industrial zone. RUB 14 bn will be invested in the project, a new residential area, two kindergartens, a school, an out-patient care center and a technopark will be created instead of the former industrial zone The city will get 500+ new jobs out of this. Moscow took the lead in the National Investment Climate Ranking in the Russian Regions by the Agency of Strategic Initiatives. The Russian capital leads the ranking for the second consecutive year. It was second in 2018 and third in 2017.


The Open#Mosprom project launched a series of programs with Russian celebrities. They went to Moscow enterprises to share their impressions with social media users afterwards. The next stage of the stellar Open#Mosprom took place in November 2020.


An agreement was signed to implement an investment priority project on constructing the ZIL Technopark. At least RUB 3.3 bn will be invested in its creation. By 2023, the technopark will be completed and will start manufacturing innovative products First stage of a pharmaceutical plant at the Alabushevo production site in Zelenograd. was launched. Biocad will produce about 40 oncology drugs there.


It was decided to implement an investment priority project to create a modern geriatric center in Seligerskaya Street in Moscow by 2022, it will have 90 in-patient beds and a 25-bed day care center.

Technopolis Moscow SEZ won in six special nominations of Global Free Zones of the Year award. The awards are for Cluster Development, Covid-19 Support, PPP, Broad Opportunities for Localization and Production Expansion, Red Tape Reduction and Workforce Amenities.


A meeting of the Project Office on improving the investment climate in Moscow was held in the Russian capital. During the meeting, businesses put forward their proposals for improvement of legislation and investment strategy, and the city authorities spoke about the mechanisms they use to attract investments. To make this dialogue even more effective, a new service for businesses – Moscow Investor – was launched on the Moscow Investment Portal. The investments in fixed capital in Moscow have more than doubled in comparable prices over the past nine years.


Moscow authorities have signed an agreement on integrated area development (IAD) of the former Korovino industrial zone upon the first Russian auction. The contract value was RUB 201.2 m. The investor will build public and industrial facilities instead of the former industrial zone, which will create up to 13,000 new jobs.
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