Логотип All about the Moscow industry

Investments in Moscow


Real financial help. Moscow supports enterprises with concessional loans with interest rates below the bank and subsidies, for example, to pay interest on loans and lease payments.


Tax incentives. Moscow is ready to significantly reduce the tax burden for those who actively invest in the city's economy, create new high-paying jobs, develop innovative products, and much more.

Public-private partnership

Moscow has long established itself as a reliable business partner. The city knows exactly what it wants and what enterprises or projects it needs, so it is ready to actively help investors. For example, Moscow can guarantee the sale of products for years in advance or give an investor the opportunity to receive income from the commercial use of a facility built for the city.

Business development

24/7 support. Moscow is constantly in touch with business and is ready to help with any issues as soon as possible. Not sure how to get your truck pass to get around town? You need a hotline. Don't want to go anywhere? You can apply for support measures online. Moscow has a special website with clear navigation. Do you want to introduce a robot or modern software into production? Moscow has collected the most innovative proposals in a special service.


Moscow can help with the placement of an enterprise on the most favorable terms. For example, a city can lease a land plot without bidding, exempt from payment for changing the type of permitted use of land, or help settle in a special economic zone.