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Cars, turbines, rails and even frying pans – none of these goods can be made without precision metalworking solutions. Microbor, a resident of the Technopolis Moscow Special Economic Zone, is planning to scale up the production of innovative metal cutting tools to replace foreign analogues in the market.

Photo: Yakov Antipenko


In the opinion of experts from Enex (B2B-market place of instrument makers), there is a variety of metal cutting products available in the domestic market, ranging from low-cost products from China to premium products from Europe and the United States. Yet most instruments are made by domestic companies thanks to the consistent import substitution policy. Hence, sanctions against Russia will have no significant effect on this market segment.


Microbor, which became a resident of the Moscow special economic zone in 2019, is a Russian developer and manufacturer of super-hard composite materials and tools.

The enterprise produces metal-cutting plates made of hard alloy and super-hard materials, technological equipment, and axial tools. Thanks to high-precision and technological equipment, Microbor tools are not inferior to foreign analogues by their quality.

Microbor is continuing research and development to design new products and to upgrade the existent ones and to broaden the scope of their use. The company has recently designed and implemented five new brands of composites for treatment of super-hard materials.


The company sells its products to over 500 enterprises in Russia, CIS member states, China, India and other countries. Its clients also include such industrial giants as the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works, Severstal, Transneft, Metalloinvest, and others. 


The recent years have been particularly successful for the company. Its sales doubled in 2021, as against 2020. The next year’s forecast is no less optimistic. The company typically makes 2,400 products every month but had 8,000 orders in its book in April. It thus beat a record of December 2021, when the resident of the special economic zone Techno-Polis Moscow made 6,000 goods, having more than doubled the usual output of cutting tool inserts.

The enterprise has increased the production manifold by working three shifts without days off.


Seeking to accommodate the demand, Microbor will begin to serially manufacture a new product this year: 300,000 replaceable multifaceted carbide inserts will be made each month. The increased production is expected to meet the demand from domestic manufacturers of innovative products.


Cubic boron nitride (CBN) belongs to the class of super-hard materials. It is as hard as diamonds. But CBN tools have an advantage over diamonds. Composites are inert with respect to carbon, which makes it possible to process cast iron and steel, which make up 90% of engineering materials, while diamonds react with carbon in their composition. CBN tools are capable of cutting metals that were previously unworkable. Nanomaterial inserts made by Microbor are super-hard and super-durable.

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