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No longer a death sentence

Oncologists say with a sad smile that every long-liver will eventually have a cancer of one’s own. An increase in cancer rates is the price paid for a comfortable and longer life. Yet the severe disease is no longer a death sentence thanks to timely diagnostics and quality therapy.

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Target therapy is called the newest and most promising method of treating cancer. Experts compare traditional chemo-therapy to carpet bombing, which destroys both the tumor and healthy tissue, while next-generation drugs have a targeted effect, without testing the strength of the entire body.

Target drugs aim at cancer cell molecules. The targets are designated after a thorough analysis of every specific feature of the tumor. The individual approach and lesser toxicity of the therapy deal a severe blow to the patient’s finances: the price of target therapy is comparable to the price of a medium-segment vehicle. Still, there is obvious progress: Russian target drugs with affordable prices will be produced in the bio-medical cluster of the special economic zone Techno-Polis Moscow.

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Scientists discovered that cancer cells synthesize special molecules that help the tumor grow and protect itself from the body’s immune system. Target drugs are capable of blocking the harmful molecules.


The BioJet bio-technological company, a member of the Russian pharmaceutical group PharmEco, has become a resident of the Technopolis Moscow Special Economic Zone. The strategic full-cycle production is due to begin at the start of 2023. The factory aims at the substitution of imports and the supply of life-saving drugs to the market. BioJet will be designing and making drugs based on monoclonal antibodies, starting with the production of active pharmaceutical substances.

The new resident of the Technopolis Moscow SEZ is planning to invest at least 5 billion rubles in the production of Russian target drugs and to create 170 jobs. It is due to make up to 120 kilograms of active pharmaceutical substances and up to 5 million drug vials per year.

The status of a resident of the special economic zone relieves the factory of property, transport and land taxes and customs duties, while revenue tax will amount to only 2%. The plot assigned for construction of the workshops may be later purchased for 1% of the cadaster value.

BioJet has rented over 4,000 square meters of space in the special economic zone in Pechatniki. Modern infrastructure, convenient location and economic preferences offered to residents of the Moscow special economic zone will allow the company to be more effective in investing in the full-cycle production, thus helping substitute imports in the Russian bio-pharmaceutical industry. The company also plans to export its products to countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, Latin America and Asia.


The first drugs for chemotherapy of malignant tumors appeared in the 1940s, while target therapy is an achievement of modern molecular biology and genetics.

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