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Textile traditions digitalized

The art of painting on fabric originated in ancient civilizations. In the 1st century AD, in Egypt, a print was created by coating a white fabric with an absorbent composition (clay and salt). Then the composition was removed - an unpainted image remained on the canvas. In India, the print was applied using plates, on which the pattern was previously knocked out. To transfer it to the fabric, it was necessary to press hard on the plate.

Photo: Konstantin Semenov

Now technology has come a long way. Solstudio Textile Group founder Alexandra Kaloshina has told us about a digital method of printing on fabric.


The history of Solstudio Textile Group began in the late 1990s with fabric trade and a small tailor shop. Later on, a textile design studio, Solstudio Textile Design, became a separate business. The company accessory brand, Radical Chic, emerged later. Industrial production started in 2020 with the Solstudio Industry digital fabric printing factory.

Digitalization makes it possible to experiment with fabrics, prints and colors and to make super-small and super-large batches of products. Printing can be traditional, on rolls of fabric, or on particular parts of ready products.


Nowadays, Solstudio Textile Group is an acknowledged major of industrial textile design, a dedicated participant in largest global sectoral exhibitions, and a supplier of celebrated Russian and global brands.

The company operates high-speed European equipment that meets the latest technological standards. The annual capacity of the factory is 1.5 million running meters of fabric.

The company management believes, however, that the success roots in a unique analytical system. After all, a print on fabric is not limited to the imagination and vision of artists. It needs to reflect social sentiment, preferences and desires that have yet to manifest themselves. For instance, in spring 2022 the Solstudio Textile Design team is working on prints to be the foundation of collections of the winter 2023/2024 season or even summer 2025.





The company has started working in a new niche – online service of mass fabric individualization Print-a-porter. The project will kick off before the end of this year.

The platform will allow a convenient and easy printing of any quantity of fabric with a unique design. The company believes that the new service will facilitate and cut costs of the design process for young designers and entrepreneurs, who will be able to order production of short pieces of unique fabric at mass market prices.

The service may give a strong impetus to the domestic fashion industry, so it has gained support from the Presidential Fund of Cultural Initiatives.

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The Solstudio Industry digital fabric printing factory is the first in Russia and the 13th in the world with such a set of equipment!
Photo: Konstantin Semenov
Photo: Konstantin Semenov


The government has helped Solstudio Textile Group before. The textile design studio needed rather expensive computers in its early days. The Moscow government appreciated the promising project and gave the company a 300,000 ruble subsidy.

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The production capacity of machine tools operated by the Moscow factory is about 300 meters per hour. The company is planning to replace them with machine tools with a higher productivity.

The opening of a factory required a much bigger investment of tens of millions of rubles. The company applied to the same program for support to entrepreneurs and received a subsidy to compensate for 25% of the cost of purchased equipment. Being aware of the relevance of its business and support from the home city, Solstudio Textile Group feels optimistic about the future and makes ambitious development plans.

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