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Conquering new heights

Bask founders, the Bogdanov brothers – physicists, athletes and travelers, know from experience what kind of equipment mountaineers need. Over 30 years of experience, products of their own design, and the commitment to best quality help them conquer new heights. The Bask High Peak V2 mountaineering tent is yet another revolutionary solution.


A six-month project aimed to develop a new range of mountaineering and Arctic tents is now over. The flagship mountaineering model has a basic configuration with a High Peak Hub connector. The hub could be used separately or combined with another tent or two into living quarters. The innovative solution opens new horizons to climbers. The connector could stay in the base camp for comfortable living, while Bask High Peak V2 could be rapidly detached for brief overnight expeditions. The tent does not require much space, which makes it ideal for the tiniest ledges.

The design has a uniquely high wind resistance and snow protection: even completely covered, it will not collapse.

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Bask views the design of clothes and equipment that are comfortable and protect from cold and adverse weather as its mission. The brand values are character and deed, will and determination, adaptability and resourcefulness. At the heart of the development is the well-thought-out functionality of the products.


A unique approach to the manufacturing process allows the Bask digital factory to be sure of the quality and safety of its products. Firstly, the company operates cutting-edge equipment. Secondly, it relies on the Industry 4.0 protocol, which means that every manufacturing process is either computerized or digitalized.

For instance, production at the Bask Moscow factory begins with cutting by the IMA digital system. The system lays the fabric, marks and cuts 100 or more parts at a time with 100% accuracy. The “digital brain” of the equipment stores the code of all operations, so the system does not need a reset every time it is used. An engineer operates the system via the Internet, so problems can be fixed remotely!

Tailoring of products is no less innovative. Modern Juki sewing machines are more like computers. You can set a production program from your smartphone!

Bask runs its own lab, where specialists check the quality of all component parts, study down characteristics and create new down-based insulators, such as Dry Siberian Down® (DSD®) or patented composite insulators based on top-quality Russian goose down. The company produces the composites itself, and the research center and the laboratory set the exact range of temperatures for using the product.

Many products are tested by digital simulators. For instance, the reliability of Bask High Peak V2 was estimated by means of the APM Civil Engineering 17 software.

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The Bask factory in Moscow and almost 30 contractors in various parts of Russia make both equipment for recreation and extreme sports and city, child and teenager clothing, including clothing for lowest temperatures.


The digital testing does not substitute field trials conducted by athletes and travelers in severe conditions.

Bask is very proud of its team. Brand ambassadors share its values and test the products themselves. Experienced extreme travelers climbed 8,000 meters, visited both Earth poles and survived in places with the most adverse weather conditions, using brand equipment.

All of that ensures high quality of products, swift manufacturing and, of course, appreciation and trust of customers.

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Some of the field tests of a new model of Bask High Peak V2 were held at the Vatulino airfield in Ruza, Moscow region. The wind load from propellers of an Antonov An-2 plane and Mil Mi-8 helicopters helped test the tent’s wind resistance.
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