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In 1947 there was a vocational training competition in Spain. The expectations were rather high: it was supposed to promote blue-collar jobs and to contribute to the system of vocational education. The results were fantastic: the idea was quickly adopted by the other countries and today the WorldSkills movement has taken over the world.

WorldSkills mission is to advance personnel qualification standards through vocational championships. At present 87 countries participate in WorldSkills International, including Russia, which joined in 2011. Different activities take place under WSI guidance, such as: regional, national and continental competitions, and also the world championship every other year.

Special training facilities are used to prepare for competitions. One of the facilities in Moscow is the specialized department of Moscow State Educational Complex (MSEC), located in the special economic zone Technopolis Moscow. Participants of different age groups are trained for skills competitions. KidSkills competitions are for children of 9-12 years, teenagers of 14-16 years participate in Junior competitions; the main group includes people aged 16-22, and people over the age of 50 compete in Skills of the Wise competitions. Preparation achieved its target: in 2019 the Technopolis team took several awards in the VI National championship of cross industry professions WorldSkills Hi-Tech.


The initial name of the company which held vocational competitions was IVTO (International Vocational Training Organization); this organization was established in 1953.
Since the early 2000s, it has been operating under the name WorldSkills International.

In September 2020 at the finals of the VIII National championship Young Professionals WorldSkills Russia, MSEC students won 14 prizes (12 gold medals and 2 silver) and a medal for professional skills. Within the period from 2017 to 2020 MSEC students participated in 32 championships of regional, national, continental and world levels. They took more than 200 awards in such skill sections as Manufacturing and Engineering technology, Information and communication technology, Creativity and design. Every year Technopolis holds WorldSkills championships of all levels in on-campus, distributed and distance formats. These are recent events:

  • the finals of the VIII National championship Young professionals (WorldSkills Russia),
  • BRICS Future Skills Challenge,
  • VII National championship of cross industry professions WorldSkills Hi-Tech 2020.

- By the way -
MSEC participates in WorldSkills Academy training programs: 5000 experts, Skills of the Wise, Program of vocational training and supplementary vocational education for people affected by the new coronavirus infection.
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