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"OPEN#MOSPROM": delicious tours

More than 1 million people took an online-tour to Moscow factories during a new season of the "Open#Mosprom with stars" project now they know how chips are made from salad, how to make medicines, and how to build well-known "Sukhoi" Superjet 100 airplanes.

A new season of "Open#Mosprom with stars" project came out at the end of July. During live broadcasts, Russian celebrities revealed the secrets of production of ordinary and unique things.

Arina Sharapova visited a Moscow pharmaceutical industrial complex of the Servier company which is one of the leaders in the production of medicines for chronic non-contagious disease therapy, such as heart diseases and diabetes:

"I was certain that such a company would be clean, proper, and technologically sophisticated production. Which proved to be true. Being a mom and a grandmother, it was important for me to see it personally, and make sure how every pill is made, from raw materials to packaging. Now I know for sure that Moscow produces drugs that meet all the safety, efficiency and quality standards, and can beat the foreign pills."


More than 3 thousand pills are made every minute here, at a rate of 140 thousand items per hour, and total output reaches 40 million packs of medicines a year!

Katerina Shpitsa, an actress, reported from Moskovsky Agricultural Holding, where advanced technologies are used for healthy food production. Together with Katerina, the viewers knew how a curly-leaf kale cabbage grows, which is a bestseller among healthy lifestyle fans, and they also found out about edible flowers to add to their salads, and how agronomists manage to grow greens and veggies without chemicals, using special insects.

An excursion to the United Aircraft Corporation plant became the most popular episode of the fourth season, which was toured by an actor Anton Bogdanov. He showed to more than 350 thousand viewers how Russian airplanes are manufactured, for example, the famous "Sukhoi" SuperJet 100 passenger aircraft designed only by digital technologies.

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More than 500 excursions to 58 industrial factories and their museums were organized over the duration of the "Open#Mosprom" project. More than 17 thousand people joined offline events, while online audience exceeded 10 million viewers.
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