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September and October are the harvest months when the results of field work are sent to the granaries. This is probably the reason why not only the Food Industry Workers' Day (October 17), which was introduced in the USSR in 1966, but also the World Food Day (October 16) is celebrated in the fall.

The core of the Moscow food industry is formed by 67 large and medium-sized enterprises, all in all there are more than 260 of them in the city: these are manufacturers of meat and fish products, canned foods and dairy products, bread and confectionery, drinks and much more. They ensure the food stability not only of the capital, but also of the Russian regions. The steady growth of the capital's food production is reflected in numbers: in 2019, industrialists of the city's food enterprises shipped products worth almost 382 billion roubles, in 2020 – almost 467 billion, and in the first 9 months of 2021 – already worth 390 billion roubles.

The quality of the capital's products is stipulated by the scientific and human resource potential, as well as modern equipment and unique technologies.

For example, in 2019, the Rot Front factory launched a high-tech line for cocoa bean processing and the preparation of chocolate semi-finished products – one of the largest in Eastern Europe.

Aripix Robotics is developing industrial robotic manipulators to automate routine operations at factories and plants, and Moscow Agro Holding is introducing advanced agricultural technology – fifth-generation robotic greenhouses.

An unusual holiday can become a professional celebration, an occasion to rally with like-minded people or a way to add color to everyday life. And for us, the industry representatives, it is also an opportunity to proudly realize how important our work is for everyone and what role we play in the life of a big city.

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