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Staying healthy

Global Handwashing Day was established in 2008 following a decision of the UN General Assembly, UNICEF Children's Fund and the World Health Organization. The purpose of the day is to spread awareness about the importance of hand hygiene for health. The relevance of such a holiday is especially high during the pandemic. To prevent new infectious threats, it is necessary to ensure universal access to the means of hygiene and disinfection.

Several companies operating in Moscow provide citizens and residents of the country with such products. For example, here you will find the only company in Russia that develops and manufactures mass-produced pulsed ultraviolet units for disinfecting the air and surfaces of premises – the Melitta research and production enterprise. The company's products eliminate all types of pathogenic microflora, including the new coronavirus, in a few minutes and with 99,9% efficiency. Now over 3000 units produced by the company function in more than 500 medical institutions in Russia. These units are also in service in clinics in South Africa, Italy, Ireland, Great Britain, Mexico, Romania, Israel, and Kazakhstan.

Another condition for successfully fighting infections is the timely diagnosis. Thanks to the products of the Moscow-based company DNA-Technology – modern equipment and reagents – our country remains one of the world leaders in the use of PCR tests in medicine. If you happen to get into a modern network PCR laboratory, pay attention to the equipment – you will definitely see DTstream and DTprime from DNA-Technology, which operate on a 24/7 basis.

20 Moscow manufacturing companies that produce all kinds of medical supplies – medicines, vaccines, medical products, artificial lung ventilation devices, disinfection equipment – are residents of the OEZ Technopolis Moscow: these include orthopedic shoes manufacturer Ortomoda, the company ELTA - a leader in the domestic medical equipment market, etc. Interesting to mention that in 2021 OEZ Technopolis Moscow was included in the world rating of Global Free Zones of the Year as the winner in the industry nomination "Development of medical technologies and pharmaceuticals related to COVID-19".

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