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Taking care of nature

National Crush a Can Day is an American holiday that raises a worldwide issue: the importance of recycling. This day reminds that our planet's resources are limited and should be used rationally, and recycling helps not only to save money, but also to improve the ecological situation.

In recent years Moscow enterprises have also become more environmentally friendly, and the Ecopolis Corporation – the only complex in Russia for recycling electronic waste and production of secondary materials is also based in Moscow.

In September 2021, Ecopolis and GK SET opened a collection point in the capital for faulty and obsolete electrical appliances and household appliances, to be sent for recycling. The collection station is located in the Kozhukhovo People's Park on Lobanova street. The pilot collection project has already been completed: residents discarded system units, laptops, TV sets, printers, vacuum cleaners, hairdryers, irons, kettles, phones, players – everything was accepted except for batteries, light bulbs, cartridges, disks and cassettes. All collected equipment will be recycled at Ecopolis.

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