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Many of you know that Teddy Bear was named after Theodore Roosevelt. But how did this toy come about?

On September 9, 1902, the American president refused to shoot a hunted bear, and the newspapers wrote about it. The publications were accompanied by drawings, and one of them appealed to the owner of the toy store, Morris Michtom (incidentally, an immigrant from the Russian Empire). His wife began sewing stuffed bears, which were immediately beloved by customers, and Morris wrote a letter to the president, asking for permission to name the new toy after him – a Teddy Bear.

Today, the teddy bear is a beloved friend of millions of children around the world. But what about the toys of the new generation? For example, the Moscow company Capital Toys has been producing soft educational toys-shapeshifters under the brand Moja Zaya since 2015. Their "great-grandmother" is an old shapeshifter doll, once popular in Russia. But the modern "zayas" are unique: they are four toys in one. Each is dedicated to its own theme. Four seasons, four emotions, four wildflowers, four professions – each zaya has its own mission in raising a baby. The toy helps to form logical thinking, to compare, to look for differences, and will always cheer up the little patients of pediatricians, speech therapists and dentists.

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