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This date commemorates the death of Mother Teresa, a life-long missionary who helped the destitute and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 for her "work to alleviate poverty and help people." The holiday is a way to raise public awareness of the work of charitable organizations.

Industrialists are not indifferent to the problem either. The history of Russian philanthropy includes the textile moguls Morozovs, the flax manufacturers Tretyakovs, the mine-owners Demidovs... Modern Moscow enterprises are no less generous benefactors. They prove by their own example that there are many ways to help those in need.

For example, the pharmaceutical company Servier since 2019 has been a partner of the "Arithmetic of Kindness" charitable foundation, which aims to improve the quality of education in orphanages. The emphasis in the foundation's projects is on mastering chemistry and biology, developing socialization skills, career guidance, and goal-setting – this is the baggage that is essential for children who begin their journey into independent life. Servier volunteers hold master classes and trainings for the foundation's beneficiaries and help them choose their future profession.

Thanks to the sponsorship of Elta, a Moscow-based company producing glucose meters, children with type 1 diabetes undertook the world's first ascent to the mountains. All participants of the health camp for children with diabetes – FoxCamp, which the company has been supporting for many years, successfully completed the passage along the Aibga ridge and climbed to an altitude of 2300 km above sea level.

During the pandemic, Hirana+, a manufacturer of medical equipment, donated consumables for ventilators to hospitals: breathing circuits, antiviral filters, and breathing masks. 2,500 units were provided to Moscow Clinical Hospital №40 in Kommunarka, and another 1,500 were sent to hospitals in Irkutsk.

Scientific Entertain-ment company helps the Dmitri Rogachev Cancer Center – they donate educational equipment for physics, chemistry, biology, ecology and robotics to young patients. Thanks to this, children continue to learn even during long-term treatment, and sometimes even beat the school curriculum.

The Moscow-based cosmetics manufacturer Faberlic supports charitable foundations and organizations by providing essential products and sanitizers to medics, multi-child families and families with handicapped children. Faberlic sanitizers are distributed to volunteer headquarters in 23 regions of Russia, where they are handed out to residents for free.

Every year Coca-Cola in Russia helps the Rus food bank, the #MyVmeste volunteer movement, medical institutions and non-profit organizations that support retirees, medical workers, volunteers, and those who can't do without help. The company donates fresh juices, drinking water, iced teas and many other things. In 2020, Coca-Cola donated 435,000 liters of beverages to Moscow charities.

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