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The Student Week ended in the city on April 15. More than 1,600 people took part in this year’s Mosprom Studweek. The guys competed in solving applied engineering tasks at a hackathon, visited industrial enterprises, and attended interviews and coach sessions.

Photo: Timur Anikeev


A traditional student week took place in Moscow on April 9-15 and ended with a career day. About 40 industrial enterprises of the city took an active part in the event. Manufacturers of medicines, cars, elevators, brakes, microcircuits, ice cream and lots of other products gave the students their tours.

On the career day, April 15, guests took part in master classes aimed to develop creative thinking and communication skills. They spoke to Igor Namakonov, a winner of the Cannes Gold Lion award and general director of the Federation of Creative Industries, and participated in a lottery of personal consultations with HR specialists.

In addition, the event participants had a unique opportunity to receive an invitation to work at the capital's enterprises right here and now. To do this, it was enough to successfully pass a quick interview. This year, representatives of over 25 enterprises, including MiG, R-Pharm and Aeroelektromash, hunted for personnel. In total, they offered over 140 vacancies and conducted over 400 interviews.

Photo: Timur Anikeev
Photo: Timur Anikeev


On the first day of Mosprom Studweek, 115 students from nine Moscow higher educational establishments competed for a victory in an industrial hackathon – a team contest in which industrial tasks set by city manufacturing enterprises are solved. The cases included the development of an air conditioning system for a helicopter and a cruise engine for a spacecraft. As a result of the hackathon, six enterprises of the city, including Moskabelmet Group, the Center for Operation of Space Ground-based Infrastructure and Russian Space Systems, offered internship to 30 students and work to five.

Interestingly, the plants put some of the ideas proposed at this year’s hackathon into life. For instance, a solution proposed by a team of students from the MIFI National Nuclear Research University served as a basis of Moskabelmet’s system for rapid identification of fake cable and conductor products.

Photo: Timur Anikeev
Photo: Timur Anikeev

Life shows that Mosprom Studweek has become an ideal meeting point, on the one hand, for those who want to take a closer look at industrial professions, choose an occupation to one’s liking or even find a job or an internship opportunity, and, on the other hand, for Moscow manufacturers who are actively searching for worthy, apt personnel for their enterprises. For instance, last year’s student of a master’s program of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University Daniil Lola has been working as a design engineer of heat exchange equipment at NPO Nauka since January 2022 and is even taking part in the development of a new product.

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This year, not just students but anyone wishing, irrespective of the age, were able to receive a job or internship offer as a result of quick interviews.
Photo: Timur Anikeev
Photo: Timur Anikeev
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