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Behind open doors

How and where are our favorite products made? Who produces items of everyday use? How are unique technologies that make all of us proud developed? No more secrets exist for the curious and passionate! Moscow-based industrial companies willingly open their doors to them in the well-known project Open#Mosprom.

Space odyssey under the ground

October 27 is World Audiovisual Heritage Day. Thanks to this holiday, adopted by the UNESCO in 2005, millions of information media obtained protection: movies, radio and TV programs, audio records and photographs – everything that reflects history. The Space Mosprom travelling exhibition includes nearly 200 such archive photographs. Since October a themed train services the routes of Moscow underground.

The spartakiad sets records

Records almost four thousand participants, ten kinds of sports, nine qualifying weeks, as well as new records and winners' names - the 3rd Annual Mosprom Spartakiad ended in Luzhniki Olympic Complex on September 25. The sports achievements of the capital's industrialists, just like those of other athletes, are based on support of a mentor, a friend, a teacher, and this is all the same person – the coach.