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The Head of The Office

... mixture of water and soot served as ink, and sheets of papyrus were used as paper. Nowadays, modern stationery is user-friendly, sustainable, and versatile. Products from Moscow-based companies are particularly popular. The capital is among the top exporters of stationery and school supplies in the country. In the first 11 months of 2021 it accounted for 32.2% of all Russian exports.
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Beauty for Export

By 2023, the volume of the Russian cosmetics market may exceed 830 million roubles. The increased popularity of Russian cosmetics abroad plays a significant role in the development of this segment.
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Let There Be Light!

The Moscow region confidently holds the leadership in the exports of lighting equipment. In 2021 the share of lighting made in Moscow in the overall national exports accounted for more than 35%. Even during the pandemic the Moscow-based enterprises managed to increase the volume of exports by 68.2% during one ...
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Export Pedestal

In 2021, Moscow companies supplied non-resource non-energy products to 186 countries to the amount of 33.48 billion US dollars, which is 25% more compared to 2020 and almost 31% more than in 2019.
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2022: The Year of Digital Transformation

Moscow is the leading non-resource non-energy exporting region. The capital supplies more than 180 countries with food, cosmetics, toys, medicines, industrial and agricultural products. Over the past two years, exports have increased by one and a half times. However, 2022 promises to be just as impressive....
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Moscow Export Empire

In 2021 you could find domestic goods on the shelves of supermarkets abroad more often than a couple of years ago. Today Moscow supplies foreign markets with ice cream, chocolate, dairy and meat produce, medical equipment and medicines. And on the nations importing Moscow production, like on the British Empire, the sun never sets.
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Confectionery Expansion

Based on last year's result experts predict that the export of russian sweets in 2021 compared to 2020 will increase by more than 19% and amount to 830 thousand tons. These figures will record-breaking industry. The producer hlebprom made its contribution to confectionery expansion. Export manager Tahir ...

Mosprom sings and plays

According to British scientists, karaoke fans live longer because singing has a positive effect on our health. For example, the vocal activity improves mental activity, reduces stress level, strengthens the immune system and even the muscular corset, and, of course, trains the hearing apparatus, because you must hear not only yourself, but also the musical accompaniment of the guitar, piano, accordion, trumpet, or even a symphony orchestra.
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Moscow Industry Day

On October 7, employees of enterprises in the capital of Russia celebrate their main professional holiday. It has been celebrated since 2017. It is timed to coincide with the adoption of the law "On Industrial Policy of the City of Moscow" in 2015. Thanks to this document, among other things, favorable conditions have been created in the capital for the development of both large and micro-enterprises. This is confirmed by positive statistics. In January – August 2021 alone, the volume of...
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A competitive delicacy from Moscow

The United States has thesweetest tooth: in 2020, 18% of the world's chocolate consumption was eaten by Americans. Perhaps, for this reason, the USA honors the sweet several times a year. On October 20, for example, they celebrate National Office Chocolate Day.
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Pharmaceutics and medical industry in new conditions

The world has been living in a constant fight against coronavirus infection for a year and a half. In this matter, the industry is far from being the least important player, with medical production and pharmaceutics at the forefront. These Moscow industries operate like well-oiled watches, and their production facilities provide essential medicines and equipment not only for our country but other countries, as well. This article tells you what nations Moscow cures.
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Kilometers along the equator: how the cable industry retains its growth in Moscow

The industry, having launched modern technologies to its practices, has been developing rapidly. On the Cable Industry Worker Day we would like to tell you about what kind of innovations can be found at the Moscow cable plants. Experts say that cable industry companies operate in a highly competitive market.

Delicious, just like at home

We will miss our favorite childhood food all our life, especially when we are so far away from home. But that is all in the past now thanks to export you can find your favourite food products from Moscow even overseas. We asked a few friends who live abroad what food products imported from moscow they usually buy.
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Connecting link

Collaboration chain is a new support initiative that has been developed for the Moscow exporters. It is designed to help companies in their search for business partners, lower their costs and compete with foreign suppliers successfully.
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Healthy food exports

... more care about their health and pay more attention to conscious consumption by choosing food more carefully and favoring natural, organic products. As a result, sales of such items are increasing and new opportunities are opening up for producers and exporters.
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Training programs for exporters

The Mosprom Center specialists improve the skills of Moscow exporters through discussions with leading foreign economic activity experts.
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So sweet Fascinating Export

Experts of the Mosprom Export Development Support Center have conducted a survey to find out which types of products of the Moscow industry will increase demand not only in the near future, but also in the long term perspective. Based on the survey results, we present you an ...