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Nurturing Younger Generations

Nurturing a new generation is our common goal, so Knowledge Day is a holiday not only for school children, students, and teachers, but for all of us, including manufacturers of stationery, school uniforms, educational gadgets, and other learning products.

Creating Beauty

Bra birthday. To some, this day is a farcical holiday, but it could well be considered a milestone in the fight for women's rights. On September 3, 1914, an American woman Mary Phelps Jacob received the first patent for the invention of a bra, which she thought up by accident: she found out that a corset did not fit into a dress and made a substitute out of handkerchiefs and ribbons.

We do good

This date commemorates the death of Mother Teresa, a life-long missionary who helped the destitute and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 for her "work to alleviate poverty and help people." The holiday is a way to raise public awareness of the work of charitable organizations.

Lighting up the cities

Every year in Florence, on the night of September 7, the eve of the feast of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is highly revered in Italy, the Festa della Rificolona (Feast of Lanterns) is celebrated. This unusual festivity dates back to the XVII century, when the peasants, going to the main fair of the year, hit the road before dawn to arrive in time to take a better place for trading. They lit their way with homemade lanterns – candles, shielded from the wind with paper hubcaps.

Playing games

Many of you know that Teddy Bear was named after Theodore Roosevelt. But how did this toy come about?