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Industrial photo aesthetics

... photography developed in the 1930s. A cult example of industrial photography was Lunch Atop a Skyscraper in 1932, showing 11 workers relaxing on a beam on the 69th floor during the construction of New York's Rockefeller Center. All expositions of the popular project Otkroi#Mosprom are likely to go down in history of Moscow’s industrial photography.

Discover#Mosprom: new season

Make confectionary with your own hands, see how the famed yellow suitcases are made for paramedics or check your knowledge of city industries in an intellectual battle – all of that and much more can be done in Project Discover#Mosprom.

Lucky Graduate Ticket

According to a study of the Analytical Center of Moscow, the graduates of the capital's universities in 2021 mostly consist of lawyers, economists and managers. And meanwhile, following the statistics from HeadHunter, the greatest shortage of personnel in Moscow was registered in such areas as consulting, information technology, manufacturing, transport and logistics.
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Moscow Exporters Continued Operating in Pandemic Environment

The COVID-19 restrictions and the termination of air and rail traffic between countries directly affected export activities. We asked Natalia Shuvalova, CEO of Mosprom Autonomous Non-profit Organization, to tell about how ANO Mosprom helps Moscow manufacturers in this difficult period.
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Do You Want to Export? Mentors are There for You

Recently, the Moscow export-oriented enterprises have acquired a new helping hand, namely, the ANO Mosprom Center for Industrial Export Support and Development created by the Moscow Department of Investment and Industrial Policy. The Center employees not only solve various technical issues and tell how to overcome administrative barriers, but also help to search for new buyers. Offline and online.
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How to support exporters. Global practices

Implementing national projects improves the regulatory environment, availability of financial support, and international integration. In this context, experiences in the USA, Germany, and China may be of interest.
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Moscow bets on large-scale industry

... support of non-resource, non-energy exports has mainly been focused on small and medium-sized businesses. However, we should not disregard the advantages of big business in order to properly implement the International Cooperation and Exports national project.
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We have more thanjust resources

As the past year's preliminary results have shown, Moscow's export potential indicates it can fulfil the goals of the national project for "International cooperation and export." According to the Moscow Department Of Investment And Industrial Policy, for 11 months of 2019, the volume of non-resource-based and non-energy exports (NNE) from Moscow increased by 23.84% ...