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Investment climate warming up

Over a decade, investments in the city of Moscow amounted to 24 trillion roubles and continue to grow. Moscow remains the most attractive city for investment in Russia: from 2011 to 2020, the total volume of investment in fixed assets in the capital city reached 24 trillion roubles. For 10 years it has increased in real terms by 2.9 times. Even in a difficult economic situation, investors continue to invest in the city.
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A competitive delicacy from Moscow

The United States has thesweetest tooth: in 2020, 18% of the world's chocolate consumption was eaten by Americans. Perhaps, for this reason, the USA honors the sweet several times a year. On October 20, for example, they celebrate National Office Chocolate Day.
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Pharmaceutics and medical industry in new conditions

The world has been living in a constant fight against coronavirus infection for a year and a half. In this matter, the industry is far from being the least important player, with medical production and pharmaceutics at the forefront. These Moscow industries operate like well-oiled watches, and their production facilities provide essential medicines and equipment not only for our country but other countries, as well. This article tells you what nations Moscow cures.

Myths and legends: 10 naive questions about food

Some kind of folklore is always associated with your favorite food: anecdotes, jokes along with myths and legends. Representatives of Moscow factories, food producers, answer ten naive questions about well-known products.

Capital Diet

For the past ten years the number of moscovites has increased, and their diet has become more diverse. For this reason from 2010 to 2020, food consumption in the capital has increased by 13%! What do muscovites eat and what are their favorite foods? Let's check the statistics.
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Healthy food exports

A healthy lifestyle is both fashionable and profitable. Today people take more care about their health and pay more attention to conscious consumption by choosing food more carefully and favoring natural, organic products. As a result, sales of such items are increasing and new opportunities are opening up for producers and exporters.
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Only Up!

The Moscow Investment Portal won the Digital Tops Contest of Russian Developers in the Best IT Solution for Economic Development category. This is a clear indication that the resource is in line with digital trends and good at coping with challenges. It has recently launched a new section dedicated to the support of the Moscow industry and a digital service that simplifies the interaction between the authorities and investors.
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Six peaks done!

The Technopolis Moscow Special Economic Zone took part for the first time in the Global Free Zones of the Year 2020 Awards, a global ranking of economic zones, and became a leader in six special nominations. This is the best result among Russian SEZs in the last six years.
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While The Clock Strikes Twelve...

It has always a good habit to sum up the results before the New Year Eve. This year, the tradition takes on a special meaning. The period of pandemic and time constraints was a difficult one for the manufacturing industry in Moscow. Nevertheless, the city passed this test with dignity. Alexander Prokhorov, Head of the Moscow Department of Investment and Industrial Policy, talks about the results achieved by the industrial sector by the end of the year.
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Event Calender

It was a year full of diffent events. The coronavirus made adjustments to them, but despite this fact, new investment projects were launched and important events for Moscow and the its industry took place.
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Business chooses Moscow

The investments in fixed assets in Moscow made RUR 452.4 bn in the first quarter of 2020. This is 14.9% higher than in the same period of 2019.

Moscow is top five in world's best cities ranking

In its latest World's Best Cities Report, Resonance Consultancy ranks 100 world's best cities with populations of more than a million, using a combination of statistical performance and qualitative evaluations by locals and visitors in 22 areas grouped into six core categories: Place, Product, Programming, People,...
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100 US cities are certified as meeting energy-efficiency and green standards

Atlanta has become the 100th US city to receive a LEED for Cities and Communities certification of sustainability. To obtain LEED certification, the city was evaluated according to multiple quality of life criteria, including environment, infrastructure, sustainable resource use and more.
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Analysts forecast growing investments in European real estate

Together with PwC, the Urban Land Institute (ULI) has published research that evaluates investment prospects for main European cities and different market sectors. Warehouse real estate, coliving and accommodation for the elderly and students are the most promising trends of 2020.
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Moscow Is The Top Region For Investment In Russia

Moscow once again topped the overall ranking of investment attractiveness of Russian regions by RAEX (RAEX Analytics).