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Moscow Industry Day

On October 7, employees of enterprises in the capital of Russia celebrate their main professional holiday. It has been celebrated since 2017. It is timed to coincide with the adoption of the law "On Industrial Policy of the City of Moscow" in 2015. Thanks to this document, among other things, favorable conditions have been created in the capital for the development of both large and micro-enterprises. This is confirmed by positive statistics. In January – August 2021 ...

Space odyssey under the ground

October 27 is World Audiovisual Heritage Day. Thanks to this holiday, adopted by the UNESCO in 2005, millions of information media obtained protection: movies, radio and TV programs, audio records and photographs – everything that reflects history. The Space Mosprom travelling exhibition includes nearly 200 such archive photographs. Since October a themed train services the routes of Moscow underground.

"MOSPROM" through a kaleidoscope

Moscovites and guests of the city walking along the Abrat and Shkolnaya streets last month – from the 1 to 31 of August – could learn about Moscow factories and curious details of manufacturing thanks to a photo exhibition "Kaleidoscope "Mosprom".

Capital Diet

For the past ten years the number of moscovites has increased, and their diet has become more diverse. For this reason from 2010 to 2020, food consumption in the capital has increased by 13%! What do muscovites eat and what are their favorite foods? Let's check the statistics.

"OPEN#MOSPROM": delicious tours

More than 1 million people took an online-tour to Moscow factories during a new season of the "Open#Mosprom with stars" project now they know how chips are made from salad, how to make medicines, and how to build well-known "Sukhoi" Superjet 100 airplanes.