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A matter of life and equipment

An unfortunate fall, a sudden malaise, a sharp pain, an accident – in all these cases, first aid comes to the rescue. However, doctors are not always able to make accurate diagnoses without the use of sophisticated medical equipment. It is of high importance that it is reliable and works correctly. These qualities are guaranteed by the procurement of medical facilities through life cycle contracts.
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Exchange medicine program

Many people start their relationship with Health Care from the drugstores and their specialists. They are the ones to turn to, when you need prescription drugs written in the doctor's language or you have to find "those drops in the red package". The pharmaceutical industry consists not only of the pharmacies and their employees but also of thousands of workers in factories and plants.
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School for the generation NEXT

Teachers' Day is celebrated annually on the 5th of October – it is another chance to give thanks to educators for their contribution to the future generation’s development; even switching education into a digital environment could not replace a teacher. The quality of Moscow education is ranked among the best in Russia. The capital’s modern schools are equipped with innovative educational media centers that allows teachers to use interactive technologies in a classroom. There are also spaces designed...
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Lunch Combo

Major food producers, investing money in their development, ensure not only food safety of the city but also new technologies, jobs, taxes, and development of the local business-environment. That is why Moscow authorities arrange good conditions for these producers and support them granting the status of an industrial complex.
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New technology park for Greater Moscow

Specialized development company "BadAevsky" is planning to build an industrial technopark in Moscow with 300 employment places capacity in 2024, as defined by the third agreement signed under a job creation stimulus program.