Wear Mask,
Keep Distance

Moscow industry is getting back to work after an almost two-month break. This week, 370 of 720 enterprises have been allowed to resume production.
The auto industry, light industry and machine-building enterprises, as well computer and electronics manufacturers have resumed their activities. The other companies have been working all this time, supplying food and medicines, producing building materials, medical equipment and other important goods. However, the coronavirus pandemic is not over, so everyone is facing new rules: now we have to work only in face masks and gloves and keep away from our colleagues.

No Joint Breaks

The gradual recovery began on May 12. First of all, companies took care of the premises disinfection.

"Before getting back to work, all industrial and office premises were disinfected with a cold fogger. Currently, workplaces and common areas are cleaned and ventilated, and air is sanitized twice a shift for preventive purposes. All the components and materials supplied to the warehouse are also disinfected using a cold fogger," CEO of NPP Tsirkon Service LLC Passenger Car Production Vladimir Lulayev says.

There are several basic recommendations by Rospotrebnadzor. Firstly, it is necessary to distribute the streams of people in such a way that there are no crowds anywhere, from the entrance to locker rooms and the canteen. Secondly, shifts should be planned to ensure that each employee contacts a limited number of colleagues. In case of infection, this will help to reduce the risk of the disease spread, and also lead to the isolation of only a limited number of the infected. All enterprises are trying to protect their personnel as much as possible.

Working routines have changed as well. Firstly, now you have to wear a mask and gloves, if you go to work by public transport. Your body temperature is measured at the entrance. If you show any signs of a flu, you will not be allowed. Production workers should also wear masks and gloves and regularly clean their hands with an antiseptic.

Companies made it possible for employees to maintain a social distance by marking the floor, increasing spaces between workplaces, and putting protective screens if possible.

"All the group enterprises are gradually getting back to normal, employees are returning to offices. At the same time, we are following stringent safety measures. All the employees get gloves and masks, regularly use hand antiseptics, keep the necessary social distance, and systematic health monitoring is ensured by a medical center located at the enterprise," CEO of Moskabelmet Pavel Moryakov explains.

Masks and Tests

Most of the measures taken have already proven to be efficient; they have been applied since the end of March by the enterprises that did not suspend their operation. However, there are some innovations. Now, industrial companies are regularly checking their employees for coronavirus, the tests covering at least 10% of the personnel every 15 days. Partially, this work was carried out earlier.

"We tested more than 10% of the plant employees for COVID-19 before resuming the operation. Since all the requirements were strictly adhered to, we did not have a single case of infection", Executive Officer for Government Relations and External EAEU Communications of the Servier Pharmaceutical Company Yana Kotukhova says.

The new working rules raised the important issue of the masks provision to Muscovites. However, Moscow was prepared and in mid-February launched a large-scale production of protective masks and respirators within the Technopolis Moscow special economic zone. Now the enterprise capacity is 900,000. items per day; however, it is planned to increase production to 4 million items by the year end.

To provide the citizens, industrial and healthcare enterprises with protective equipment, the company employees have almost moved to a clean area, working in two shifts around the clock.
Head of the Moscow Department of Investment and Industrial Policy Aleksandr Prokhorov.
"The staff is provided with housing and adequate nutrition. People do not leave the clean zone, but still have to be tested for COVID-19. This way, we can ensure the quality of goods produced in the Technopolis Moscow SEZ. The production increase will result in the larger employee number that will reach 220 in the near future, and 350 by the end of summer," Head of the Moscow Department of Investment and Industrial Policy Aleksandr Prokhorov, who have visited the company this week, says. According to him, the Moscow industry has all the resources required to gradually resume operation, simultaneously protecting employees as much as possible.
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