Goodbye, SIM Cards

SIM cards are waiting for a new stage of evolution: according to the Russian Ministry of Communications, 10+ million subscribers can abandon the usual plastic carriers in Russia alone in the next three years. Higher technology will replace them. Istcompis Rus LLC, a Moscow-based company, was the first in Russia to provide remote loading of new virtual SIM cards to subscriber devices. But first things first.
eSIM is a special chip embedded in the phone during the production phase. The phone number and rate plan data can be recorded remotely on it. Subscribers will no longer have to go to mobile phone outlets to connect to operators' services. You don't have to buy a local SIM card when you go abroad - you just need to upload a favorable subscription online. These technologies are already used by major phone manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple.

To write information to eSIM, a virtual infrastructure has to be "built": a platform for creating, uploading and storing user profiles. The first company in Russia engaged in commercial development of such systems was Istcompis Rus LLC in 2019. However, technologies developed more rapidly than legislation, so then eSIM-related slowed down. Now they're back.
Among other things, the company is going to start issuing bank cards with the new technology of contact pad customization. The contact pad is the rectangle that everyone thinks is a chip (it's actually hidden inside). These pads which allow to combine the card with the payment terminal are now produced in a standard form only, and the company will be able to give them any form upon customer request. It plans to work with banks in Russia and the CIS.
Istcompis Rus will focus on the development of platforms for remote recording of virtual SIM cards in Alabushevo, a Technopolis Moscow SEZ site eight existing residents involved in IT-technology. The company will move to Zelenograd in 2021, the project investments will amount to about RUR 127 m. Istcompis Rus also plans to obtain the SEZ resident status, and this means access to all preferences: for example, exemption from property, land and transport taxes, reduced profit tax and free customs zone regime.

For the last 16 years, the company has been producing traditional SIM cards for the largest mobile operators in Russia and collaborating with many operators in the CIS countries, Germany, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizia, Belarus, Armenia and Tajikistan. Now it produces about 50 million SIM cards a year.
Konstantin Shimolin
CEO of Istcompis Rus LLC
In simple words, we execute the embedded SIM cards, i.e. we develop a virtual SIM card profile for the cellular operator and provide remote loading to a subscriber device. We have our own IT infrastructure, which ensures the development of electronic profiles, their storage, activation of eSIM and sending them to the user. It's all called the RSP platform. In 2019 we were the first in the Russian market who promoted eSIM for subscribers of a large mobile operator".
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