New Status

The status of a Technopolis Moscow special economic zone resident has been granted to Evropeiskaya Elektrotekhnika LLC. By fall, a high-tech low-voltage complete device production plant will be opened in the south-east of Moscow.
Evropeiskaya Elektrotekhnika LLC became the ninth high-tech company in the Technopolis Moscow SEZ. It will start producing various boards and control systems in the Moscow special economic zone.

Evropeiskaya Elektrotekhnika LLC will occupy 1,047 sq. m in the brownfield zone of the Technopolis Moscow SEZ intended for small local industrial enterprises. The buildings of the former Leninsky Komsomol Automobile Plant (AZLK) are equipped with all the necessary infrastructure and communication lines.
Andrey Smirnov
Deputy Director General and Member of the Board of Directors, Evropeiskaya Elektrotekhnika PJSC
"We are joining the innovation ecosystem of the Technopolis Moscow special economic zone, the flagship of industry 4.0. We are convinced, that such factors as the modern infrastructure of the industrial cluster in Pechatniki, convenient logistics and location practically in the center of the Moscow city agglomeration, as well as the concentration of similar high-tech industries, will allow us to get all the advantages of being in the right place with the right atmosphere and a motivating regulatory system. I am sure that the ongoing project will allow us to achieve a manyfold increase in our company's share in the low-voltage package market and provide a long-term quality competitive edge due to the comprehensive integration of smart digital solutions."
Facts and Figures
1,047 sq. m
of building area
RUR 55 m
investments in 2020–2025
new jobs
RUR 3.2 bn
of revenues expected in 2020–2029
RUR 524.8 m
for the payroll in 2020–2029
RUR 91 m
of expected savings
Evropeiskaya Elektrotekhnika was founded in 2004. As part of the Engineering Systems field, the company is engaged in creating power supply systems, designing and supplying low-voltage packages (LVP).

LVP application:
  • control station boards for oil&gas, mining, metal industry and engineering enterprises;
  • switchgears for auxiliary needs of power plants and in-shop substations;
  • main switchboards for energy centers of infrastructure facilities;
  • telecommunication systems, data processing and storage centers.

Process systems are the second field of Evropeiskaya Elektrotekhnika activity. The company creates innovative oil&gas and petrochemical equipment for the preparation of oil, gas and water, the environmentally friendly disposal of waste gases, and improvement of the upstream assets efficiency for oil&gas companies.
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