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Special Economic Zone News and Plans.
Third Offset Contract
New production of medical devices for ostomy patients will appear in Pechatniki by the end of 2021. Within the offset contract GemaTech, a Technopolis Moscow SEZ resident and a Gemamed subsidiary, plans to develop the production of specialized medical devices for patient care, which will completely replace the market of imported products and provide the city health care system with the necessary medical devices in this area.
Second Skin
The Acrus BioMed company will launch a new production of biomedical cellular products for skin and soft tissue repair in the Technopolis Moscow SEZ by June 2021. The investor will invest RUR 343 m in the project. Bio-drugs will be sent to medical clinics, burn care centers and centers of disaster medicine in the Central Federal District.
Medicines for Moscow
Bright Way Industries LLC will begin construction of the pharmaceutical plant at the end of June. The investor will invest RUR 2.8 bn in new production. The company plans to produce 78 items of drugs, which will reduce the dependence on imported medicines and meet the needs of all groups of Muscovites in medicines at affordable prices.
Disinfection Is Key
VDK - a Moscow company - developed a new sanitizer and is launching its production. The company is currently applying for the sanitizer's technology and formulation patents. The VDK development is environmentally friendly and 2.5 times more efficient than its chlorine-based analogs.
Remote Pregnancy
The new generation of devices for remote pregnancy monitoring will soon be produced by Goodwin Corporation (Goodwin Europe) - a Technopolis Moscow Special Economic Zone resident. The equipment has successfully passed the tests. The company plans to produce up to 500 items by the end of the year.
Tie in Networks
The European Electrotechnics company starts manufacturing engineering systems for the new skyscraper in the Moscow City Grand Tower. The order will be carried out jointly with Schneider Electric, which is is not only international company, but also another Technopolis Moscow resident. The skyscraper will get produced a large batch of main switch cabinets and input switchboards.
Education for the Masses
NexTouch has developed the new Everytale platform, which provides education from anywhere in the world in any language. The platform will also be available to acoustically challenged people: the developer has implemented the function to translate from any language and to convert the sound into text format. The product has already been approved by the expert community in more than 15 countries.
Advanced Zone
According to the results of 2019, the Technopolis Moscow Special Economic Zone was in TOP 3 of 26 special economic zones in Russia by the number of new jobs. The Russian Ministry of Economic Development conducts this annual efficiency analysis of special economic zones. Technopolis Moscow SEZ is of technology and innovation zones, which were recognized by the Ministry as 100% effective.
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