Support with Preferences

The high-tech enterprises of the Technopolis " Moscow" special economic zone have a number of benefits as SEZ residents. However, during the pandemic, many of them needed additional administrative support, and it was given to them.
In May, one hundred organizations in the Technopolis Moscow SEZ having suspended their operations during the lockdown, which make two-thirds of all the companies and residents of the special economic zone, received a 50 percent rental discount in the period from April to June. This is despite the fact that many of them enjoy tax, rental and customs privileges in "ordinary times". The Technopolis management decided that these companies' activities are very important for the city technological and industrial development, and therefore, they need to be supported.

In particular, additional support is provided to the manufacturers of innovative vision correction products, sensors for automated control systems, search and the inspection, X-ray and telecommunication equipment, 3D scanners, carbon fabrics and prepregs (composite semi-finished materials). These developments are used in a number of industries: aviation, wind energy, petrochemicals, shipbuilding, telehealth and the Industrial Internet of Things.
Two thirds of all the SEZ companies and residents received a 50% rental discount
Also, the special economic zone provides a deferral of lease payments to 13 organizations engaged in the fields included in the list of the most affected industries. The total estimated damage to the Technopolis companies included in this list made 24. 6 m RUB. They were granted a deferral from May 5, when the high alert regime was introduced in Moscow, until October 1, 2020.

The Technopolis Moscow SEZ made another friendly step. In May, the special zone enterprises were able to fully resume production, but at the same time the lockdown was extended. In this situation, the majority of the Technopolis employees who used to get to work by public transport preferred to go by car. In this regard, the SEZ management decided to support the companies and canceled parking fees for the employees of all 148 enterprises in May.

In total, the enterprises were able to save about RUR 3 m.
Gennady Dyogtev,
CEO, Technopolis Moscow Special Economic Zone:
"Today, there are more than 150 manufacturers of high-tech goods and services in the Technopolis Moscow SEZ, with which we have discussed possible additional support. The assistance provided allowed the companies to not only minimize possible risks and financial losses, but also preserve jobs, which is especially important in times of crisis".
Dmitry Dobrovolsky,
Shakhty LLC:
"We used the funds saved on rent to provide employees with personal protective equipment, as well as to implement the Air Volunteer program. In this situation, we consider it important to protect both the health of our own employees and the activities of the Moscow enterprises currently unable to use our monitoring service by means of unmanned aerial vehicles on a commercial basis".
Maksim Fedyukov,
Teksel LLC:
"A week before the lockdown was announced, we had sent all our employees to work at home. As a result, from April to mid-May, our 3D scanner production was completely suspended. But, as a Technopolis Moscow SEZ resident our company took advantage of the benefits, which allowed us to significantly reduce the costs. We did not make redundant a single employee; on the contrary, we hired several people. "
Aleksandr Semyonov,
NPP Aleksandr:
"Discount on rent will significantly optimize budgets and allow the company to save jobs, timely pay wages to all the employees, and painlessly resume production after the pandemic. "
Andrey Kuzmin,
Arttekh LLC:
"The Arttekh activities do not belong to the ones most affected by the pandemic, but the rent discount from the Technopolis Moscow SEZ has helped a lot. The money saved was used to pay salaries and purchase materials needed to resume work. "
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