New Assistant
For Moscow Investors

The Moscow Investor service has appeared on the Moscow Investment Portal. Moscow businessmen can use it to ask questions to the Moscow Government officials about investment activity, to declare a problem and to submit their offers.
The service will ensure interactive communication between investors and executive authorities, reduce administrative barriers and allow for prompt resolution of issues in investment activities.

The Moscow Investor servicer helps the Moscow Government to promptly learn about the requests of potential investors and to determine the strategy of interaction with them. The new service will enable more entrepreneurs to invest in the city and to enjoy various support programs.

The users registered on the Moscow Investment Portal will have access to a systematized list of questions on various topics. It includes five active start sections: Property and Land Relations, Auctions, Support for Industry, Localization in SEZ, Taxation. The number of sections will be expanded: Support for SME, Utility Connection and others are coming soon.

The service mechanism is simple and clear. A user chooses a suitable topic from the list, then an issue, fills in a special form and attach additional files if needed. The message is sent directly to the relevant office to prepare a reply. All stages of consideration are automated and transparent. The reply time is at least 10 working days. The reply will be sent to the applicant's profile and to the e-mail indicated when signing-up.

If the applicant fails to solve his problem, he will be able to send the message for revision to the project office on improving the investment climate or to the project office on improving the conditions for doing business in the Russian capital.
The Moscow Investment Portal was launched in 2014. It remains one of the most popular specialized resources for business: in six years, the site has been visited by more than 11 million people, 8,100+ unique users per day. About 39,000 personal accounts are registered on the site.

The Moscow Investor is the 11th service launched after the investment portal was redesigned this spring. The website online tools are constantly being refined and improved. There are 29 online services available on the portal, which facilitate doing business in the Russian capital, and they have been used 88,000+ times since the beginning of the year.

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