New Technopark
Will Appear in ZIL

A technopark will appear in Moscow ZIL by 2023. The new project near the Third Circle Road aims at developing the industrial potential of Moscow: the future technopark is expected to become a flagship facility, a major R&D and engineering center.
The investor - Korpus LLC - will invest RUR 4 bn in the new technopark and increase the property space from 68,000 to 114,000 square meters. The agreement between the investor and the Moscow Government provides for the reconstruction of existing facilities and the construction of new ones. Two multifunctional facilities - a 440-car parking lot and the ZIL museum - should also be taken into account when developing design and architectural solutions. The technopark residents will be able to get access to equipment and services, consulting assistance and tax benefits.

Korpus LLC will receive the the signed agreement the investment priority project status (IPP), which guarantees the investor tax benefits: the regional profit tax will be reduced by 26%, the property tax rate will be zeroed, the land plot rent rate will be significantly reduced (down to 0.01% of the cadastral value). This will allow the company to invest more in the technopark development. In case of default, the investor will have to return all benefits received with related penalties.

The preferences the city provides to investors stimulate the development of industrial and innovation sector: the special IPP status has already been granted to 14 investment projects ready to invest in new production facilities, reorganization and upgrade and to effectively use metropolitan areas. These projects are for example industrial park, food production facilities, car parts plant, museum and exhibition complex, gerontological center and others.

Technopark is a specialized site equipped with technological infrastructure, where R&D is carried out and new developments are introduced into production. The creation of a new technopark always means the emergence of small and medium-sized enterprises and the development of innovative companies. Now there are 36 technoparks operating in Moscow.

The reorganization of the ZIL industrial zone is to be completed in 2022. The new quarter, where residential buildings, a sports complex and a business center have already been constructed, will give the city about 45,000 jobs and apartments for 30,000 Muscovites.
RUR 4 bn of investments
114,000 square meters of property
> 1,100 new jobs
440 car bays in parking lot


State Hermitage Museum Centre in Zil
ZIL water area
ZILART Residential Complex
Alexey Artemov
First Deputy Head, Moscow Department of Investment and Industrial Policy Department
"The agreement signed with Korpus LLC provides for the reconstruction of existing facilities and the construction of new ones to create the ZIL Technopark near the Third Circle Road. The residents will produce microelectronics and car components, develop security information technology and conduct R&D. The investor will put at least RUR 4 bn in the investment project and will create more than 1,100 jobs in the technopark".
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