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The majority of the Mosprom Spartakiad participants consider sport in production not just a hobby, but an integral part of the company life. The best proof of this is the growing interest in the event, as a result of which the organizers decided to turn the competition into an annual sports festival in Moscow.
The idea of the Spartakiad appeared in the 1930s at Soviet enterprises. Participating in competitions helped employees to rally to a real team, both in sports and in work. In addition, the Spartakiads became a starting point for many professional athletes.

Today Moscow industrialists continue this excellent tradition. 700+ large and medium-sized industrial enterprises are located in the Russian capital. According to statistics, every tenth Muscovite works in production, so it is not surprising that the Mosprom Spartakiad so quickly becomes a mass one. In 2020, the number of participants exceeded 3,000 including representatives of 16 specialized Moscow universities and 106 Moscow enterprises.

The first Spartakiad was held in Moscow from June 1 to September 21 last year. 3,000 employees of industrial enterprises competed in six sports. 7,000+ spectators gathered to watch the final. The venue, Luzhniki Sports Complex, which was built in 1956 just for the summer sports day of the USSR peoples, became in this context very symbolic.

Among the participants of the second Spartakiad, there are both newcomers and experienced athletes who tried their hand last year. But they all have one thing in common - the feeling of being involved in a large-scale sports festival, which was not prevented even by a pandemic.

Sport increases not only motivation for self-development, but also internal discipline. It allows to understand by a real example how important teambuilding is to the collective success. Team sports help employees to find mutual understanding, to get united around an idea and to achieve a joint success.

Positive attitude and friendliness, respect for rivals, sincere pleasure of participation turn sports competitions into a real fest, where the main value is not the prizes, but the joy of communication, friendship and understanding.

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NIKIET JSC - finalist of the Spartakiad-2019 - participates in all kinds of team scoring competitions: futsal, table tennis, chess, athletics, volleyball, streetball. The last year's entry into the finals motivated the employees and management of the company to prepare more seriously. In assembling the team, the curators took into account not only the physical training, but also the degree of engagement in the common cause. In order to participate in the Spartakiad, many employees postpone their vacations. Andrey Kapliyenko, company's CEO, plays soccer with employees and notes the positive impact of training on the quality of work process.
Kirill Adelfinsky
1st category design engineer at NIKIET JSC
"Exercising sports helps to stabilize emotions. The physical workout removes fatigue accumulated after a working day, restarts you and helps you to solve tasks that were not successful before. Without sport, there can be neither normal life nor normal work. This is a very important part of the corporate culture."
Last year , HPP FOST LLC competed only in futsal and table tennis, and today the competitive spirit spurred the team to fight in other sports. For example, a company's accountant debuted in the relay race on her birthday and took the first place.
Denis Kireyev
Sales Manager, NPP FOST LLC
"Many colleagues who weren't expected to do so showed very good results. If you used to know someone at the hi-bye level, now you see his/her qualities in sports and in business. Many employees of the company remembered their youth hobbies thanks to the Spartakiad and went back to sports."
All-Russian Research Institute of Aviation Materials (VIAM), finalist of the first Mosprom Spartakiad. This year the enterprise approached to preparation for the Spartakiad even more seriously: there were carried out intra-corporate competitions in those sports where last time it had been impossible to show brilliant results. As a result, the first three places were taken in the qualification in 2020.
Alexander Leonov
Lead Engineer, FSUE VIAM
"The company's management allocates funds to sports grounds close to work to make it convenient for employees to train. You don't have to motivate your colleagues, they all run off to exercise."
Radiophysics PJSC takes part in the Mosprom Spartakiad for the second time. This year, the company took into account all past mistakes and responsibly approached the team formation and training of athletes. Last year, Radiophysics PJSC did not take part only in the streetball competitions, this time, teams in all kinds of competitions were gathered. Employees were very happy about the new sports, especially ice hockey, as the company already has a strong ice hockey team.
Andrey Safronov
1st category engineer, Radiophysics PJSC
"Participating in the Spartakiad is first and foremost a company's prestige. We try to develop in parallel in different directions: production, science, education and, of course, sports. Moreover, participation in such competitions is an opportunity to get acquainted with specialists of other enterprises, to exchange experience and knowledge and the implement them in our company."
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