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Rokot is Back
The Khrunichev Center resumes the production of the light Rokot conversion carrier rockets. Now, the control systems previously produced in Ukraine will be manufactured in Moscow. Rokot is intended for launching spacecrafts weighing up to 2 tons into low earth orbits. From 1991 to 2019, 34 spacecrafts were launched from the Baikonur and Plesetsk cosmodromes. The last time, three Gonets-M communication satellites were launched in December 2019.
Antiseptics for Everyone
About 10 m sanitizers were released by metropolitan enterprises in the midst of a pandemic. For two and a half months, from mid March to end May, Moscow industrialists increased production several times, and some quickly started production from scratch. All antiseptics were delivered to pharmacies and retail chains, and some were provided to volunteer organizations. This helped to meet the Moscow residents' needs and prevent a shortage of antiseptics.
For Water and Air Purity
At the end of the second quarter, the TVK company will begin constructing a new research and production complex at the Alabushevo site. The company develops and implements modules for water, air and surface disinfection systems based on technologies using ultraviolet radiation. Such systems are installed in railroad cars, including the Moscow metro, the MCC and the MCD. The production is planned to be launched at the end of 2021, a total of over 300 m RUB will be invested.
Exhibitions Go Digital
From August 16 to August 18, 2020, the Moscow Government virtual exhibition hall will be organized as part of the Asia-Pacific Power Product & Technology Exhibition. The Mosprom Center will combine offline and online formats at a collective booth, as well as finance 100% of the Moscow manufacturers' participation costs. Usually, the International Exhibition of Energy Products and Technologies is annually held in the Chinese city of Guangzhou.
More Elevators
In the first quarter of this year, Moscow factories increased the elevators production by 40%. Enterprises note an increasing demand in the segments of new housing construction, capital repair programs for elevator replacement and the renovation program. In addition, Moscow industrialists increased the production of medical elevators, the need for which had grown sharply due to the construction of new hospitals during the pandemic.
Do Not Touch Your Face!
The Moscow-based developer of polymer composite materials Gamma Plast has launched the production of goggles and face shields. The main customers are wholesale and retail companies, chain stores, health centers, beauty parlors and barbershops. The capacities allow to produce up to 50,000 goggles and 65,000 face shields per month.
Equator Long
In June, the oldest cable manufacturer, the Moskabelmet Group, celebrated its 125th anniversary. Today, the company produces about 40,000 km of cable per year, which is equal to the length of the Equator.
West Needs Meat and Chocolate
In the first quarter, Moscow's agricultural exports amounted to about USD 861 m. This is 33% more than in the same period last year. Record growth was shown by the exports of meat and poultry by-products, as well as chocolate and flour and milk products. In total, Moscow industrial companies have shipped products to 112 countries.
Effective Rehabilitation Method Discovered after COVID-19
Clinical studies have shown that hyperbaric oxygenation, i.e. the patient saturation with oxygen under high pressure in special pressure chambers, can help patients who had coronavirus to restore the functions of the entire oxygen transportation system. Such devices have been produced by the Moscow Khrunichev-center, for many years. The company has already expressed its willingness to increase production and provide pressure chambers for hospitals throughout the country.
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