3D Engines Are Ready for Take-Off

The first successful flight tests of an aircraft engine manufactured on a 3D printer were recently conducted in Russia. Moscow industrialists - specialists of the All-Russian Research Institute of Aeronautical Materials (VIAM) - participated in the development. VIAM was the first enterprise in the country and the second in the world after General Electric Corporation, which produced a functioning engine based on additive production.

Golden Fund

One of the VIAM key developments which glorified the institute is external armor for the Ilyushin-2 attack aircraft. It covered the fuselage of Soviet "flying tanks", and its ability to resist the firing of enemy machine guns saved the lives of many pilots during the Great Patriotic War. At the same time the company developed the basic construction material for jet fighters. A high-strength wood composite - delta wood - strengthened the body, had high tensile strength and was fire-proof.
VIAM was founded in 1932. The institute's achievements made legendary models of aerospace equipment a reality: Ilyushin-2 attack aircraft, MiG-17 fighter, T-4 Sotka shock reconnaissance aircraft, Antonov-124 Ruslan wide-body cargo aircraft,Antonov-225 Mriya heavy cargo aircraft, Burn space shuttle, Tupolev-144 supersonic aircraft, Tupolev-160, passenger aircraft (Tupolev-134, Tupolev-154, Ilyushin-18, Ilyushin-62) and others.

Today VIAM is the largest material science enterprise in Russia. The Institute consists of 25 high-tech research and production complexes with modern equipment and manufactures 250+ types of materials.

Drone Printing

The 3D-printed MGTD-20 engine was tested in July 2020. MGTD-20 was installed in the A30 light drone with a wingspan of 3 meters and a takeoff weight of 40 kilograms. Climbing to the 170-meter altitude and passing the route control points, it reached a speed of 154 kilometers per hour.

Mass production of the successfully tested engine is planned to be launched in 2021-2022. Now the enterprise is engaged in developing and 3D-printing a whole line of small-sized gas-turbine engines.
The KROST Concern is a Russian investment and construction company, working in the three following areas: design; construction and industrial development; of residential and commercial development. Today, the concern is operating 18 factories, including research laboratories.
3D-printed vortex generators for PD-14 aircraft engine
A printed engine is planned to go live
into production in 2021 and 2022

3D Vortex Generator

By the way, VIAM was the first one who launched an additive full cycle production in Russian in 2014.

Within six years, institute specialists developed more than ten grades of metal powder compositions for different kinds of 3D-printing: selective electron-beam fusion and direct laser growth.

With this technology, VIAM also was the first in Russia to produce a vortex generator of the combustion chamber front device - a part for a new PD-14 aircraft engine. Their compatibility was tested having successfully completed tests in the Ilyushin-76 flying laboratory in November 2015. Already in June 2020 VIAM, ODK-Aviadvigatel JSC, ODK-PM JSC and CAT JSC decided on serial launch of vortex generators. As for now they printed 700+ pieces, and every PD-14 engine is equipped with them.
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