Chocolate Just Got Sweeter

The history of The Moscow Rot Front Factory begins in 1826. The company retains an excellent reputation on the Russian confectionery market regularly modernizing the equipment and expanding the product range. One of the most important latest events for the factory is joining The United Confectioners Holding in 2002. In 2019, the holding launched a new cacao beans processing line at The Rot Front Factory, which is the largest in Europe. The project was supported by the Moscow government.
Rot Front has two production sites and modern high-performance equipment.
The line occupies more than 2,000 sq. m and produces all kinds of basic ingredients for chocolate products: cocoa mass, cocoa butter and cocoa powder.
The estimated processing line capacity is 25,000 t of semi-finished chocolate products per year.
The project implementation makes it possible to produce cocoa products to fully cover the needs of all 19 holding companies and to fully control the quality of semi-finished products.
The use of new equipment and modern technologies allows to ensure at least 98% grinding of cocoa mass.
Due to the high processing degree, it became possible to produce more delicate chocolate with excellent flavor and taste, as well as to stop using additional (conche) treatment at the factory, reducing the time of the final product manufacture.
For the first time in Russia, a new cocoa butter production technology was applied: first, cocoa beans are pulped, then crushed, fried and squeezed to produce the butter. This allows to increase the yield of cocoa butter.
Since the commissioning of the high-tech processing line at the Rot Front factory, 150 new jobs have been created.
Audience: 16+