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Most Russians cannot imagine their grocery baskets without dairy products. After PepsiCo acquired Russian company Wimm-Bill-Dann in 2011, dairy products have taken their rightful place in corporate portfolios.
Two large PepsiCo dairy plants, Lianozovsky and Tsaritsynsky, are located in Moscow. Both have long been familiar to several generations of city residents, and in 2015 the plants were granted the status of Moscow Industrial Complexes for their operational efficiency and active investment policies.

Innovation And Tradition Combined

The history of the Lianozovsky Dairy Plant begins in 1988; It was founded on the grounds of a contemporary baby food factory that had been constructed several years prior. Today it is the largest milk producer in Eastern Europe, characterized by its use of advanced technologies and full automation of all processes. The plant has 46 production lines. Every morning over 50 milk trucks deliver 1,300 tons of raw milk to produce Agusha-brand baby food, as well as milk, buttermilk, yogurt, sour cream and cottage cheese. The plant produces more than 180 kinds of various dairy products under famous brands such as: Domik v Derevne, BioMax®, Magitel, Chudo, Chudo Detki and Veselyi Molochnik.

The facility continues to develop: In early 2019, Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin had two new lines added to produce set yogurts and soft cottage cheeses. Although the Lianozovsky Dairy Plant has changed considerably since 1988, it still delivers baby food to infant-feeding centers across the city.
Lianozovsky Dairy Plant
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New Horizons

The Tsaritsynsky Dairy Plant was founded even earlier, in 1975. Today it is a modern facility with 15 lines to produce sour cream, milk, cream, and yogurt. Every day more than a dozen milk trucks deliver about 500 tons of raw milk to the plant.

In addition to dairy products, this facility also manufactures canned baby food and Agusha-brand porridges, juices and mors (fruit drinks). Thus, in 2019, PepsiCo implemented a large investment project at the plant to launch production of a new category of drinks: natural chilled juices under the "YA" and J7® brands. To produce these new goods, the plant's ultra-pasteurization unit was upgraded, and state-of-the-art filling equipment previously unseen in the Russian market was installed, along with a cooling module to produce a finished product with a temperature of no higher than three degrees Celsius. This innovative component in the production process results in the juices getting chilled before they are packaged. The juices are stored at low temperatures, thereby retaining their natural qualities to the fullest extent possible. Consumers can then appreciate the fresh taste and aroma of these drinks and, possibly, add a new favorite product to their baskets.
In 2015 the plants were granted the status
of Moscow Industrial Complexes for their operational efficiency and active investment policies
Tsaritsynsky Dairy Plant
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Dairy products, canned baby food and porridges, mors (fruit drinks) and juices, including natural chilled juices
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