Keeping The Traditions Of Moscow Production

Karacharovsky Mechanical Plant is a dynamically developing enterprise, which is constantly hiring new specialists. The future of the plant is shaped by those currently referred to as young professionals. However, the plant traditions are kept by its veterans who are still working and transferring their significant experience to the new generations of the plant employees. Many of them have been working at KMZ for more than fifty years. Our reporter congratulated the old-timers to the plant's 70th anniversary and asked them to share their work history.
What are the pros and cons of your work?
Describe your biggest achievement and biggest failure during your work at KMZ.
Have you ever thought about changing your job? Why did you stay?
What professional advice can you give to those who are just starting to work at the plant?
Nina Kogan
69 years old. 51 years of experience.
Technical Expertise, Chief Specialist of the 1st category

  • I accept the customers' documentation for elevators manufacture, process it, accept drawings, and prepare conclusions for production. In the course of my work, I communicate a lot with different people (managers, clients), I advise correctors. I like working with people.

  • All my work is my achievement. Failure?.. I had a hard time when I was transferred from the Chief Designer Department to Technical Support. It was hard to quit the work that I was doing there, to leave the people with whom I had been working for about 30 years. However, soon, all the employees of our bureau were transferred here. And it was alright again.
  • I have been working here for 51 years. And I never even thought about leaving the plant. I love this place.
  • I have been sharing my experience with young professionals for a long time. And one of the most important things is being attentive. In fairness, I must say that the young specialists employed by our bureau are very good. They are attentive, hardworking, and responsible
Tatyana Avdonicheva
67 years old. 49 years of experience.
Technical Expertise, Leading Specialist

  • I really like the team that I work with, my employees and managers. And as for the cons... There are none...
  • I came to work at the plant right after school. I had no experience and no skills. But the plant and my colleagues taught me how to do my job, they made me a professional. 50 years have passed, but I really love my job. I still do.

  • I received job offerings from other enterprises. But I never considered any of them. Many people change jobs all their lives, but never find a place they really like. I found my place at once. I care about the plant as if it were my own child. I see the KMZ achievements and failures as my own.
  • It is about putting your heart into your work, being more settled. The experienced specialists can give more to their company.
Dmitry Pozov
62 years old. 42 years of experience.
Workshop # 12, Process Engineer

  • We get to know everything personally, learn about each new technology in practice. In the course of my career, I was a locksmith, a welder, an oxygen cutter, a technician, a site manager, and a foreman. Each job is interesting in its own way. Of course, I could not always earn as much as I wanted, but I had the opportunity to work extra hours.

  • At the moment, I cannot remember any failures; looking back from a distance of many years, they do not seem important. And my achievement is seeing my efficiency proposals work in practice and contribute to the process and the outcome. Over the years, there have been so many new technologies, I had to learn each of them and understand why they work exactly the way they do, and then teach others. All these are my achievements.
  • Of course, some years were hard for both the plant and us. By that time, we had already become successful specialists, and we received a lot of job offerings. Once, I even took two months off to try a new job, but very soon I came back. I saw what was my job and my place. I feel good here. I guess I'm a loyal man.
  • First, it is about learning. And not striving to get everything at once. At first you need to grasp it, touch it, do something with your own hands. This is how you can understand your job and become responsible.
Vladimir Tolstopyatov
61 years old. 41 years of experience.
Workshop # 13, Shop Foreman

  • We are doing an interesting job, which is not monotonous. We are repairmen, and we do not stick to anything, but always do something new. We maintain the equipment in good condition, and help the main production. We have to fully understand all the plant equipment.

  • I used to be a repairman and I became a shop foreman. I was elected by my team, by my employees, as far back as in the 90s. But I do not believe that it is the main thing. My main achievement is the experience and knowledge that I share with people who come to work at the plant. We performed very complex overhauls using our own processes: grinding, milling, assembly. I can't say that there were failures. These were the work-related issues I had to solve, and they were not a reason to be upset, but a reason to become better at my job.
  • I can be honest: I have never thought about it!
  • Back in 1976, when, after graduating from vocational school, I got a job as a repairman, I was very lucky to work with our team leader Vladimir Mikhailov. He became my first mentor. I am still grateful to him. I also try to share as much knowledge as possible with the young. I help them to work more efficiently, I tell them how to make something easier and better, exactly when it is needed. I suggest the right repair solutions. My main advice is that you love your job and use all your knowledge and experience. This will help you grow and improve.
Vladimir Nosevich
71 years old. 50 years of experience.
Workshop # 12, Process Engineer

  • The advantage is that you are developing along with the plant, constantly moving forward and growing. Of course, at first it was hard, I was living in the company dormitory together with my family. But we did not just survived, we have also grown. We received apartments, mastered jobs, got an education, and became professionals.

  • During 50 years of my work at the plant, I tried many things and achieved a lot. I worked as a locksmith, a lathe operator, and a workshop manager. I learned and I taught others. 54 of my efficiency proposals have been implemented. If there were failures, I cannot remember any of them now. I achieved everything I wanted.
  • By the 90s, when the plant faced some problems, I had already worked here for 25 years. I had got used to the team and had become a labor veteran. Thanks to the plant, I had got an education and received an apartment. It would be a shame to seek a better life, when the plant had given me so much.
  • I would like to wish the young employees to be more united, be more interested in the company social life and learn from the older generations.
Audience: 16+