Old Computers
Will Be Thrown
Under the Wheels

From 150,000 to 300,000 pieces of e-waste are annually generated in Moscow. Part of them are delivered to the Ecoplast plant where the plastic from gadgets is turned into pellets to be used for producing secondary products, for example pipes, hangers and, in the future, road surfaces.
Ecopolis Corporation is the only plant complex in Russia for the environmentally friendly disposal of electronic and electrical waste. Currently, the production cycle involves three enterprises, two of them in Moscow, and one in the Oryol region.

"This is a single chain. The equipment goes to the Moscow Ecotechprom plant as it is. There it is separated to obtain various fractions. Copper scrap and printed circuit boards go to the Aurus plant in the Oryol region. And shredded plastic goes to Ecoplast. Depending on the outcome of plastic processing, we receive secondary products in the form of pellets that are returned into economic turnover", Head of GR at Ecopolis Corp. Ilya Fyodorov says.
Such recycled plastic is widely used. The ordinary consumers of pipes or hangers may not even suspect that they are holding a piece of a former monitor or phone in their hands.

"It is used in road construction in other countries." Bitumens are modified to increase the roads performance. At the moment, we are cooperating with domestic institutes to conduct a series of tests for the purpose of adapting our products for subsequent use in road construction. Indeed, the sky is the limit. This is a huge market, considering the plans for road construction in Russia, including express ways. For example, the Moscow-Kazan highway, the introduction of the Central Ring Roads, a huge market means huge figures", – Mr. Fyodorov noted.

The company has successfully returned to work after the pandemic. They used the downtime to adjust the equipment purchased from foreign manufacturers to the needs of Russian consumers.
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