Artificial intelligence for the sake of urban environment

Sidewalk labs, a sister company of google inc. Engaged in urban environment development has created an automated tool for urban planning and building design based on machine learning and computing design.
This unique innovation can generate millions of planning scenarios using different data sets such as zoning rules and site para­meters. The developed scenarios will form the basis for quality of life criteria that include – among others – density, climate conditions, accessibi­lity and pedestrian infrastructure.

When designing districts, designers, architects and developers face a large number of competitive goals. For example, on one hand, high urban density can offer more workplaces and residences. On the other hand, it will increase the probability of traffic jams, and high-rise buildings can cast sha­dows over adjacent facilities and public spaces.
Generative design means design based on software that can generate 3D models meeting set criteria without designer involvement.
In developing districts, the collaboration of different specialists turns out to be a complicated, lengthy and expensive process, which hampers proposals offered by project stakeholders and doesn't always meet the needs of many users. Once a district has been built, it becomes difficult to alter; Therefore, a comprehensive approach to urban design makes a big difference.

In order to simplify such projects, Sidewalk Labs has developed a generative design tool that allows all project stakeholders to create different scenarios for the areas in question by using unified software based on specified parameters. This approach will be used for the first time in Sidewalk Labs' current project to help redevelop part of Toronto's eastern waterfront. It will demonstrate not only the power of data collection technologies, but also the development potential of smart cities: automated solid waste collection, buildings adapted for poor weather conditions, and pavement that can be modified to suit different needs.
Audience: 16+