Lockdown in Hospitality Industry

According to experts, the hotel industry and the short-term rental sector using Booking.com and Airbnb will suffer the most from the pandemic. Business and leisure events around the world are canceled or postponed indefinitely, and travel or gathering restrictions additionally reduce tourist and business flows.
Many hospitality industry players will not be able to cope with the financial difficulties and will have to leave the market, and the situation in the industry will depend on the current domestic tourism. In the optimistic scenario, the tourist activity will begin to stabilize already in Q3 2020, and by Q4 2020 the situation is expected to recover to the pre-crisis level.

Despite the gigantic losses, hotel chains around the world are providing their assets for government and medical needs in the fight against the pandemic. In order to get at least some kind of income, some of them are offering unusual lockdown tours.

Oxford Hotels & Resorts

A large American network provided the Chicago city with 1,100 free rooms in five hotels to accommodate healthy citizens subject to lockdown, sick asymptomatic patients and medical workers.

OYO Hotels & Homes

The Indian hotel chain has offered all its hotels (over 110) to the US government free of charge, to accommodate doctors, nurses and other first aid providers engaged in the fight against COVID19.

Red Roof Inn

The hotel chain provides a 30% discount on accommodation in any of its hotels until May 31, 2020 for American students who have nowhere to live due to the closure of campuses, and those who cannot return home due to the travel restrictions. Students can also get a USD 25 Amazon gift card to purchase basic necessities.
US tourist industry will lose
USD 910 bn
due to anti-epidemic measures

NH Hotel Group

The Spanish hotel chain has offered to healthcare authorities some of the hotels in several country regions to accommodate medical staff, civil servants and COVID19 patients who do not need to be hospitalized.


The Thai hotel group uses new tactics to attract tourists: 14-day full-board lockdown packages are offered at Bangkok and Pattaya hotels.
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