Stake on Data Center and Logistics in APAC

International investors are increasing their investments in data centers and logistics development in Korea and other Asia-Pacific countries (APAC).
Rapidly changing technologies and the recently launched 5G network are the main drivers of data center space demand growth. Many investors, such as Brookfield, are actively looking for opportunities in Korea to invest in data centers.

The large data center developer - Actis Korea - is already working out a "hyper-scale" data center project and predicting that after the final technology integration, the data volume will grow exponentially, and then large spaces will be required .

In addition to the development of data centers, international investors are going to increase the investment in the APAC logistics development, cause the demand will go up here due to population growth what will certainly drive the buying activity on Internet sites.
2 million sq. m
will be added to logistics facilities in 2020,
the CBRE forecast states

Environmental Priorities

According to the European Commission, the concept of circular economy contributes to the greening of EU industry. These are the concept's principles:

  • Creating sustainable products that have a longer life cycle with further reusability, repair and recycling.
  • Availability of product information. Consumers should know absolutely everything about product's repairability and durability;
  • Focus on resource overspending. It is about electronics, information and communication technologies, batteries, vehicles, plastics;
  • Reducing waste in general and turning it into a high quality resource for recycling.
The European industry is:
35 million jobs
99% of European companies are small or medium-sized enterprises
80% of industrial goods are exported
25 million small and medium-sized enterprises in the EU
100 million SME employees
2/3 of jobs in industry are provided by SMEs
Olga Shirokova
Director Consultancy & Research Department, Russia
"As the profitability of traditional types of commercial real estate decreases, investors are beginning to focus on segments that until recently were just "killer features" of projects or additions to the main functions. These include data centers. The total volume of the current supply in the Russian data center market is over 32,000 rack places, which are used by the largest companies and government agencies in Russia. The leader here is Rostelecom with 10,500 rack places. The vector of economic and social development will continue to stimulate the development of this kind of sites allowing companies to use increasingly sophisticated technologies".
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