Startup testing program launched in New York

In New York, the Circular City program is being re-launched to create the conditions for testing startup projects in the field of urban development.
This year's program is dedicated to the solutions that will help the city to switch to a closed-loop economy and to introduce more sustainable economic and environmental systems.

The startups selected by tendering will be able to work on pilot projects in the urban environment. In September 2020, the companies will present their projects for public comment.

In the Startup Genome Global Report on startup ecosystems, New York ranks # 2 among the leading cities in the field of startup technology and infrastructure and is inferior only to Silicon Valley. The city has many potential places to test pilot products, for instance, new innovation centers on Governors Island and in Brooklyn.

The startup ecosystem programs launched by the New York Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) and New Lab have been made possible through the collaboration of the public and private sectors, as well as research institutes. Today there are several such programs.

The Grid is a new technology program jointly initiated by NYCEDC and CIV:LAB, a non-profit urban innovation organization. The program aims to encourage interdisciplinary cooperation and the creation of new partnerships of public and private organizations to develop the innovation field.

NEW YORK CITY is a research center for wireless and smart city technologies.

URBAN-X is a startup accelerator to provide assistance in establishing partnership collaborations and networking environment and guidance in attracting sponsors.
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